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Dates For Preventing Heart Ailments And For Overall Health

Dates are highly nutritious fruits of the date palm tree. They are extremely delicious and contain many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for overall health. Dates are considered as an excellent heart-healthy food because of its properties to lower blood pressure and prevent hypertension, stroke, and anemia. It is also essential to improve bone health and promotes better functioning of the nervous system.
Nerve pain and damage can be caused due to a variety of reasons

6 Causes Of Nerve Damage And Pain

Nerve pain is known to drive people into depression. The chronic pain, inflammation and a burning sensation can make people quite helpless. There are several causes and associate treatments for nerve pain. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes nerve tingling which can be relieved with supplementation. Herpes zoster cause shingles, and the associated nerve pain can only be managed through morphine. Nerve compression due to bad posture can cause a severe burning sensation, and this requires posture correction and exercise.
Common cold ingredients can cause side-effects.

Here’s What Common Cold Medicine Ingredients Do To Your Body!

Over-the-counter drugs for a common cold are unsafe is taken in excess. Some of the ingredients, such as dextromethorphan and diphenhydramine, contained in common cold medicines could cause serious side-effects and harm the body. If you are taking prescribed drugs for other medical conditions, or are pregnant, it is best to consult a doctor before taking common cold medicines.
Home remedies to relieve nerve pain.

6 Natural Methods To Relieve Nerve Pain

Nerve pain or neuralgia can occur out of the blue and be distressing. The pain can be controlled with a course of clinical treatment and natural remedies. Herbs and herbal tea concoctions, relaxing hot and cold treatments, soothing rubs, keeping blood sugar levels under control, and performing exercises to improve nerve function are some of the measures that you can take to reduce nerve pain significantly.

Brace Yourself For These 8 Ways To Prepare When Getting Braces

It can be a difficult choice to decide whether to get braces in adulthood. You can battle this apprehension by thinking of the benefits in the long run. You should also look at all your options and discuss them with a well-rated orthodontist. In the meantime, know what foods to avoid and stock up on the soft foods to eat in the few days after getting your braces.
Karthik - Hindu Push-Ups: Benefits And How It's Good For A Muscular and Powerful Chest

Hindu Push-Ups For A Muscular And Powerful Chest

Push-ups are a part of everyone’s fitness regime and are an effective form of exercise. But, the Hindu push-up, called so because it is performed by champion wrestlers in India, is known to have more benefits. It is effective in improving stamina, endurance, and flexibility and has a positive effect on cardiovascular health. It also strengthens the spine, which helps maintain a good posture.

Five Common Exercises That Actually Work Against You

We all crave for a perfectly toned body. However, some common exercises like sit ups and crunches can actually work against you and give you injuries for life. For example, when done wrong, sit ups can cause severe back strain. Using the gym equipment incorrectly can also cause grave injuries or give you a bad sprain. Hence, it is important to know the risks of each of these activities.

How An Erection Is Like A Symphony With Orchestral Members

Achieving a rigid erection is a "symphony" that results from the interplay of four "orchestral sections" – nerves, blood vessels, erectile smooth muscle, and erectile skeletal muscle (pelvic floor...
These herbs will help with neurological disorders

5 Herbs For Managing Nervous System Disorders

If you have a nervous system disorder, the nerve cells need extra protection. Herbs like gingko biloba, valerian, and skullcap can provide you with that. Green tea also shields neurons from oxidative stress, a process that worsens problems. Milk thistle will even promote nerve cell growth and make them live longer. Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? Don’t take these herbs. If you’re on medication, talk to your doctor before taking herbal supplements.

The Effect Of Trauma On The Vagus Nerve And Mindfulness

Meditation can heal our bodies and mind alike. It can restore the body back to its glory days with regular practice and required nourishment....
The vagus nerve must stay activated for our vital organs to function properly.

5 Ways To Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. It starts in the brain, circles around our digestive system, and connects to...

8 Simple Ways Of Strengthening Your Spine

Spinal cord is the core that holds our bodies upright and together. So, it is an absolute necessity that we take care of it....

6 Things To Do With A Bottle Of Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is an aromatic essential oil made from cold-pressing lemon peels and extracting the natural oils within them. Lemon oil is famous for...
Reasons You Should Get Your Spine Checked Often

5 Reasons You Should Get Your Spine Checked Often

A strong spine defines your overall health. Getting your spine checked often can help identify even the tiniest damage to your spine or spinal cord, which is the bundle of nerves responsible for organ functioning and sensory abilities. Frequent checkups also allow identification of any misalignment or damage to your spine in the early stages. This, in turn, prevents you from spending a lot on treating it after a lot of the damage becomes irreversible.

4 Ways To Make Your Yoga Practice More Creative With Props

If you're a yoga beginner or have tried a yoga session just for fun, you know that transitioning into different poses and maintaining your...