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4 Natural Aspirin Substitutes That Won’t Harm Your Stomach

Garlic can inhibit the progression of coronary artery calcification by stabilizing vulnerable plaque build-up along the artery walls, while boosting blood pressure and circulation. The presence of active compounds like curcumin in turmeric and eugenol in cloves has been shown to inhibit blood platelet-clotting while mustard oil has been shown to reduce overall bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.
Breathe Easy With These 6 Home Remedies For Asthma

Breathe Easy With These 6 Home Remedies For Asthma

Not only is asthma treatment very expensive, but it also inflicts a lot of pain and fear on many people. However, with the help of some effective home remedies, we can not only save ourselves money, but also relieve ourselves from the symptoms. From drinking garlic and clove tea to massaging our chest with mustard oil to consuming plenty of onions – here are six of the most tried and tested asthma home remedies that actually work.

7 DIY Turmeric Remedies For Permanent Hair Removal

Removing unwanted body hair can be an expensive and painful process. These turmeric remedies for hair removal are organic, easy-to-prepare, and are pain-free. When used over time, turmeric can slow down the hair growth process, eventually stopping it completely. Here are 7 turmeric remedies that you can make and use from the comfort of your home!

10 Easy Home Remedies For Asthma

Living with asthma is not easy. You never know when the next attack is going to happen and what the trigger could be. Medically,...

10 Home Remedies To Manage Your Asthma Naturally With Garlic

Medical science has not yet been able to find a cure for asthma, which is why it has been classified as a chronic condition...

Frostbite: 5 Facts, 3 Things To Avoid, And 8 Naturally Effective Home Remedies

Ever regretted walking outside during those bitter cold winter seasons, without grabbing your gloves, applying moisturizer, or covering your hands or feet properly? Only...
Improve Eyesight with Ayurveda : Herbs and Home Remedies for Failing Vision.

Ayurvedic Remedies To Improve Failing Eyesight Naturally

Drink 20 ml fresh amla juice twice a day, and eat your fill of vitamin A-rich mangoes in summer to relieve eye strain. If your vision is failing, eat a mixture of pepper powder and honey. You could also mix about 1 tsp licorice powder in cow's milk or honey or ghee. Rub the soles of your feet with mustard oil or ghee regularly and use freshly extracted rose petal juice for both internal and external purposes.