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Everything You Need To Know About Mucus

Mucus is the body's natural defense against foreign particles such as dust, dirt, and germs. The body produces about 1–1.5 liters of mucus per day but the quantity, color, and consistency may vary depending on respiratory problems and external factors like pollutants. To get rid of mucus build-up, try these home remedies and eat the right kind of foods.

Get Rid Of Mucus In The Lungs With This Amazing Syrup

Mucus is a sticky, slippery fluid that is found throughout the body. Mucus plays a very important role in the respiratory system as it...
White mucus indicates that you are congested)

What Does The Color Of Your Mucus Indicate?

Your mucus, which is produced by your nose, is responsible for keeping your nasal passages moist so that the dry air your breathe in...

9 Reasons Why You’re Seeing White Specks In Your Poop

If you’ve been paying close attention to your poop and see white globs in it, you might be wondering what they are. Poop isn’t...

Blood In Bodily Fluids: What It Means And What You Can Do

Finding a little blood in body fluids such as mucus, urine, breast milk, vomit, and stool once in a while need not scare you. The reason behind it may be something small that can be treated at home. For example, finding a little blood in breast milk, especially in first-time moms, can be normal and quite common. Visit a doctor if you witness excessive bleeding combined with other issues.
Common Signs In Our Body That Indicate Health Issues

Common Signs In Our Body That Indicate Health Issues

Certain behaviors in our body are common and normal, like sneezing and snoring. However, these can indicate an underlying health issue! Constant sneezing is an indicator of an allergy, as is frequent mucus formation in the throat. Snoring is a serious condition that can result in sleep apnea. An off-color eye discharge with itching can be an infection. Stress can lead to heart disease and depression and rashes can be an indication of leukemia.
changes in vaginal discharge during a menstrual cycle

5 Stages Of Vaginal Discharge During A Menstrual Cycle

The cervical mucus, commonly known as the vaginal discharge is almost nil during the days of menstruation. Following that the 4 remaining stages occur. Gradually the thickness and flow of the cervical mucus increase and it attains an egg-white consistency on the day of ovulation. The fall and rise of hormones like estrogen and progesterone are responsible for these changes.

6 Grossest Things About Childbirth You Need To Know!

There are so many amazing things about giving birth. We know pregnancy is totally empowering, hard, and you can hardly doubt your ability, but...
how to get rid of mucus in your throat

9 Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Mucus In Your Throat

Allergies and infections can cause excess mucus (phlegm) which irritates your throat. Sipping on warm fluids like chicken soup, thyme or aniseed tea, or just a plain glass of warm honey-lemon water can help loosen up or thin out the mucus, making it easier to expectorate. Equally soothing can be gargling with salt water and inhaling the eucalyptus-scented steam.

Understanding The Cervix And Cervical Mucus For Conception

Trying to figure out when you are fertile or when to time sex for conception? Here is how you can up your chances of conception from 0% to 30%.

A Woman’s Guide To Knowing When She Is Ovulating

Trying to track your ovulation cycle? Here is a handy guide to help you learn the signs of ovulation and on how to pin down your most fertile days.

10 Heart Failure Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

One in every three people mistakes heart failure for something else or mostly dismisses the symptoms as those of aging. Here are 10 signs...

The Mucus Plug and Its Role in Labor – A Picture Guide to Childbirth

There are only few things in the world that causes as much contemplation as labor. The mucus plug, which fills the cervix, plays an...