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Tips To Spot Clean Foods At The Supermarket

7 Harmful Ingredients To Watch Out For In Packaged Foods

If you are trying to be more mindful of the foods you are eating, it is important that you look deeper than just the...
Dangerous additives for your brain

5 Additives That Are Dangerous For Your Brain’s Health

You can’t really escape additives; they’re everywhere. Unless your diet is made up entirely of ingredients fresh from the farm, chances are you’re consuming...
HFCS And MSG: Dangerous Ingredients In Most Foods

HFCS And MSG: Dangerous Ingredients In Most Foods

Today, the diet of most people consists of processed or packaged foods, which contain many food additives. Food additives are mainly added to foods to enhance flavor and to increase their shelf life. Two of these food additives that are extremely dangerous for our health is HFCS and MSG. These two food additives must be avoided and consumers must read the ingredients label to avoid them.

7 Habits You Are Wrong To Think As Useful

For many people, it's their habits that define who they are. From going for a jog in the morning to keeping your kitchen spotless,...

The Top 10 Worst Food Ingredients To Avoid Like The Plague

Most natural food or ingredients usually have a short-shelf life. However, those yummy noodles you slurp, packet of chips you crave for and canned...

Foods That Can Potentially Trigger Your Headache

What goes in your stomach does affect your head. Track your food and water intake, and the nature of your headache. Identify patterns and triggers. Avoid foods with tyramine (beer, avocado, aged cheeses) that cause vasodilation; tannins (chocolate, tea, wine); MSG (Chinese and packaged foods); phenylethylamine (raw eggs and meat), and nitrites (processed meat).
Why Processed Meat Is Too Toxic For Human Consumption?

Why Processed Meat Is Too Toxic For Human Consumption?

Processed meats are usually contain sodium nitrite, which results in the formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines in the body. Studies say, processed meats increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67% and colorectal cancer by 21%. It also contains huge amounts of MSG, which is bad for the heart.