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locked-in syndrome

Locked-In Syndrome: Causes, Signs, And Treatment

Locked-in syndrome is characterized by being conscious without the ability to make much movement. Such patients go into a coma for some time and remain paralyzed and voiceless even after they come out of the coma. The syndrome is believed to be caused by damage to a certain part of the brain stem, often from tissue loss due to lack of blood flow from events like a stroke, an infarct, or blood clots. While the diagnosis often takes time and there is no definite cure, with technological advancement, the syndrome is manageable.

The Knots Around Tongue Ties

Tongue tie is a very common topic being discussed on mom forums and other Facebook groups related to moms and pregnancy. A few mothers...
Causes Of Tourette Syndrome And Its Treatment

Understanding The Causes Of Tourette Syndrome And Its Treatment

Tourette syndrome is a neurological condition involving repetitive, involuntary movements and/or sounds, such as repeatedly jerking your head, blinking the eyes, grunting, or even blurting out offensive words. While genetics, childhood infection by streptococcal bacteria could be the possible triggers, speech or behavioral therapy may help manage the condition better.

7 Reasons Your Fingers Are Swollen

Inflammation of the joints (arthritis) and tendons (tenosynovitis) can make the fingers swell up. Fluid may also accumulate in the tissues from working out, summer heat, and high salt intake. Swollen fingers can happen during exercise, since blood flow moves away from the fingers. Even repetitive movements like typing can irritate the fingers. If you’ve hurt your hand, swelling might indicate a fracture. But if you have a cut that won’t heal, you could have a bacterial skin infection.
Baby Hiccup in the Womb

Why Does My Baby Hiccup In The Womb?

Usually noticeable in your second or third trimester, fetal hiccups are a normal reflex preparing the fetus's lungs for a healthy respiratory function after birth. In addition, it could also be a sign of the development of suckling and gasping patterns. However, seek medical care if bouts of hiccups occur daily after 28 weeks of pregnancy, greater than 4 times per day.
Problem sleeping: 7 Reasons Why Pregnancy Keeps You Awake At Night

7 Reasons Why Pregnancy Keeps You Awake At Night

Being pregnant is quite a challenge. With all the physical and emotional stress you go through, you require plenty of rest. You might have...

5 Reasons Why Your Baby Is Inactive At 23 Weeks Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, but it is filled with tension regarding your baby’s health. Constantly monitoring its health with...

Gut Health: 6 Ways To Promote Proper Elimination

Kickstart your mornings with a tall glass of warm water while be sure to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water during the rest of the day. Use healthy oils like coconut oil, olive oil, ghee in foods to create lubrication. Slash dairy and red meat from your diet; instead fill up on cooked roughage and fiber-filled foods including whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

3 Undeniable Reasons To Train Movements, Not Muscles

Since its heyday in the 1970’s, bodybuilding has been the dominant influence on how most everyday exercisers go about structuring their strength training. In...

9 Things You Need to Know About Having Baby #2

The thought of having a second child is usually accompanied by lots of questions and anxiety. The biggest challenge is taking care of your first...
Benefits of fidgeting

Could Fidgeting Actually Be Good for You?

You may have been told that fidgeting shows deception or inattention, but know that fidgeting for 2.5 hours could help you lose 200 cal/day. Every time you get up to shake your legs, you add years to your life by lowering the risk for diabetes and heart diseases. A fidgety leg also makes blood flow smoothly and prevents blood clots. And odd though it sounds, it can even promote alertness in kids with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Finding Answers To Some FAQs About Baby Movement In The Womb

It’s a beautiful feeling when you can start feeling your baby’s movements in the womb. These movements also act as indicators of how healthy...

TOP 5 Workout Hacks for Ambitious Bossladies

Efficiency is the gist of everything in today's world. When it comes to exercise, a costly workout sessions at the gym can be easily replaced by an efficient workout plan practised in your living room. This is possible by following the principles of HIIT, working out three times per week, integrating full body exercises and adding plyometric exercises to routine

7 Holiday Toxins: How To Overcome Them

Holiday seasons can cause a lot of emotional and physical stress. The stress can come in the form of excess work or people you don't like or just lack of sleep. See what could affect you the most and take steps to avoid any such stressful toxins this holiday to make it more beautiful.

3 Fitness Trends For Older Adults

It's difficult to find a fitness regime made specifically for older adults. Only lately has there been more focus on workout programs for the age group. Whether you're just starting or already practicing exercises, adopt these 3 trending fitness themes to help you improve your everyday regime and make it more effective.