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How To Care For Your Bones After 60

Are you guilty of having abused your body in your younger years, smoking, drinking and starving yourself without a care in the world? If...

5 Supplements That Are Proven To Boost Energy

If there's one thing you need to balance your work, your social life, and your family, it's energy. Lots of it considering how fast...

Magnesium Deficiency: Symptoms And How To Fix It

About 48% Americans' diet does not meet the daily requirement of magnesium. If you have a magnesium deficiency, you could lose your appetite, experience nausea, diarrhea, headaches, and fatigue. To up your intake of magnesium, eat spinach, avocado, and pumpkin seeds. You could also drink sparkling water that contains magnesium. Supplements are another option. However, don't self-diagnose and always consult a doctor before taking supplements, especially if you're pregnant or are on other medication.
How to identify iron deficiency in women

This Deficiency Explains Why Some Women Feel So Tired

Unless you’re guzzling caffeine all day, there’s going to come a point when you yawn and wish you were curled up in bed. Feeling...

5 Science-Backed Supplements That Actually Work!

Garlic has not only been shown to treat damaged arteries but also high blood pressure. Bergamot has been proven to be beneficial in treating high cholesterol, while niacin showed to lower the risk of a heart attack or stroke in heart disease patients. Zinc has been shown to be an effective and quick cure for common cold and studies show that berberine can treat congestive heart failure.
AIDS can be managed by getting sufficient nutrient intake

AIDS Is A Collection Of Nutrient Deficiencies

HIV/AIDS is one of the most misunderstood diseases in the industrialized world. The conventional view is that it is a dangerous disease that has killed...
foods that help you sleep better

6 Types Of Foods You Should Eat For A Goodnight Sleep

If falling asleep is a quite a task for you, it's high time you customized your diet. Before you go to bed, make sure you have calcium like foods like milk or magnesium-rich foods like spinach or dark chocolate. Even tryptophan-containing foods like pumpkin seeds can induce sleep faster due to its action on melatonin and serotonin. High carbohydrate foods are also good at making you sleep better.

Major Health Hazards Of Drinking Artificially Flavored Water

It’s bad enough that artificial flavors are commonly used in many food products today. But, they are even being used to manufacture drinking water. Artificial and natural flavors are prepared using various chemicals that can cause dangerous health conditions. Drinking clean water is important, but not falling prey to marketing strategies and avoiding health problems is imperative. People must become aware of the harmful effects of ingesting dangerous chemicals.

7 Secrets To Help You Get Lustrous, Strong Hair

Hair loss has become a common problem for everyone around the world. Bad food habits, stressful lives and bad lifestyles can all take a...
6 Essential Nutrients That Can Promote Hair Growth

6 Essential Nutrients That Can Promote Hair Growth

Today, various factors are responsible for experiencing hair fall. Diet plays an important role in the health of your hair and it is vital to consume foods that are rich in nutrients that support hair growth. Nutrients such as iron, vitamin B, B5, C, fish oil, and zinc are essential for healthy hair. Instead of investing in hair care products, consume these healthy foods to ensure hair growth.

4 Nutrients Your Body Needs To Heal Its Bruises Faster

Easy bruising can be healed with good nutrition. Vitamin K reduces bruising and is important for blood clotting. Vitamin C aids in the formation of collagen and the growth and repair of tissues. Proteins build muscles and maintain tissue growth and repair. Zinc helps in creating new tissues and improves wound healing. Sometimes, supplements may be used under the guidance of a doctor.

5 Reasons To Make Magnesium A Nighttime Ritual

Before bed, supplementing with magnesium will soothe sore muscles and calm the mind. These effects will help you sleep sooner and better, especially after a long day. Are you prone to headaches and migraines? Magnesium acts on the processes that lead to pain, making it useful for prevention and treatment. Constipation and gut health will also improve. At night, take it as a pill, in a bath, or make a magnesium body spray.
6 Toxic Skincare Ingredients You Definitely Want To Avoid

6 Toxic Skincare Ingredients You Definitely Want To Avoid

Toxic chemicals like phthalates, parabens, and dioxins are potent endocrine disruptors that cause damage to the reproductive system and fertility defects in both men and women. Aldehydes and sodium lauryl sulfate are other toxins that trigger skin allergies and are also associated with an increased risk of cancer, while phenoxyethanol, widely marketed as a 'safe ingredient', can cause skin irritation and damage to the central nervous system.
9 Fantastic Sources Of Calcium Other Than Milk Products

9 Fantastic Sources Of Calcium Other Than Milk Products

Calcium is an essential nutrient that is extremely important for healthy bone development and for overall health. All dairy products are a rich source of this essential nutrient. But, some people may not like the taste of milk or milk products or may be lactose intolerant because of which they do not consume these products depriving them of the required calcium. They can instead consume other foods that provide calcium.

9 Disgusting Ingredients In Food That You Eat Everyday

These ingredients pass off as natural flavors or colors but here's what they truly are. Red food dye is often derived from crushed insects called cochineals. Titanium dioxide is used in paint companies but also added to whiten ranch dressing. There is flame retardant in our soda and our sugar is bleached using animal bones. It would be wise to think twice before buying these products.