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Convenient Ways To Practice Mindfulness Meditation

7 Convenient Ways To Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation involves becoming aware of your body, breath, and thoughts. It does not aim to change you or your situation, but to make you notice every detail non-judgmentally. It helps you experience life in mundane routines. Mindless meditation while walking through a busy street, taking a break at work, lighting a candle, and eating a simple meal will help you find new meaning.
mindful meditation and vagus nerve stimulation

Why Does Your Vagus Nerve Love Mindful Meditation?

The largest nerve in the human body and it's intricately linked with all the vital organs. It is the main channel of the parasympathetic nervous system that regulates the 'digest and rest' processes in the body. Stimulating the vagus nerve is the ideal way to achieve relaxation the body and mind especially during stress. Mindful meditation can help you achieve that.

9 Ways You Can Include Yoga In Your Busy Life

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy, however, your busy schedule may prevent you from doing any yoga. But you can now practice yoga by making it a part of your life and you don't even have to visit any yoga studio. You can do yoga throughout the day, it can be done while you are bathing, while you are eating and even when you are at your office desk.

11 Guaranteed Steps To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

You could reduce high blood pressure without medication by following these natural steps. You need to reduce salt intake in your diet and make sure to eat plenty of fruits and leafy greens. Be physically active and maintain a healthy weight based on BMI. Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption. Try to take control over stress and enjoy a work-life balance.
What we practice in yoga can train us to deal better with our creativity.

3 Ways Yoga Boosts Your Creativity

Yoga has been gaining popularity recently for its wonderful physical benefits, such as increasing flexibility and aiding in weight loss. Moreover, it strengthens the...
Benefits of writing a diary

7 Great Benefits You’ll Get From Maintaining A Journal

The concept of journaling and all its benefits apply to all ages of people. Evoking mindfulness, being more self-confident, and being able to solve problems more efficiently are just a few benefits of keeping a diary. Depending on the kind of goal you want to achieve, you can choose to keep a food, fitness, gratitude, recovery or even a memory journal. Remember that patience and consistency are key in forming new habits before you’re able to start reaping the benefits.
Practices that makes Yogi blissful

What These Yogis Do Daily To Stay Blissful

Yogis are blissful people. They follow their heart. In this world where everyone is racing to accumulate greater wealth, a yogi can guide us to the path of happiness and peaceful coexistence. Simple changes in our lifestyle, like waking up early, can bring about immense changes. Yogis do not live in fear as they believe that everything is impermanent.

6 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself When Battling Depression

More people have reported being anxious and depressed right now than any other time in history. Today, there is more space and acceptance for...

Which Is Your Meditation Style?

Meditation is a way of giving your fast-paced life a much-needed rest. It reduces stress and anxiety, boosts brainpower, and relieves pain. Despite its...

5 Benefits That Make Mindfulness A Superpower

Mindfulness is the ability to be aware of your thoughts and feelings so that you are in control in any given situation. Mindfulness can be increased by meditating regularly. Several studies have found that meditation practices that increase awareness have numerous benefits which can increase the quality of your life.

3 Ways Buddha Taught To Maintain A Happy Life

A happy life is a mystery. Achieving happiness is often considered a mirage. If you weigh your happiness in terms of material possessions, it will remain so. The source of happiness is within you. When you let go of your desires, fears, and suffering, you will know what happiness is. Also, dwell in the present without obsessing about the past or future.

7 Tips On Meditation From The World’s Happiest Man

When scientists studied the brain activity of Buddhist monks who have meditated for several years, they found out that those who meditate probably experience the most happiness. Matthieu Ricard, also known as the happiest man in the world, shares his tips on how to successfully meditate your way to happiness.
meditations for anxiety

The Best Meditations To Release Anxiety In A Short Time

Mindfulness meditation (MM), followed by transcendental meditation (TM), can be the best non-invasive ways to combat anxiety. A patient of anxiety obsessively thinks and feels negative and focuses on a tragic past or a possibly turbulent present. MM brings your mind to present sensations, whereas TM relaxes the brain.

Why Women Should Practice Mindfulness And Meditation

Most women today are being pulled in many different directions. This not only creates chronic stress, but can also leave many women feeling anxious,...

Mindful Eating: Getting Started Guide

We're a society of people that eat on the go. We eat in our cars. We eat at our desks. As a whole, we...