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Tips To Help You Finally Get A Flat Belly

8 Flat Belly Facts That Will Help You Lose Inches

Ask a person what their least favorite body part is and they’re very likely to point to their belly. Even if you’re slim everywhere...

10 Tips For Working Moms To Make Each Day Productive

For working moms some days can be good and some days can be bad. The trick is to customize yourself in order to make everyday as productive as possible. This is more important for the high-performance moms. You can start off with things such as starting off the morning right, eating a solid breakfast, setting daily goals, being mindful, taking time off, being active, out of the comfort zone, meal prepping, reduction of obligations and making time for what matters.

Mindful Eating And Its Impacts On Digestion And Nourishment

Do you ever feel bombarded with food and nutrition advice? "What to eat". "What not to eat". "How much to eat". The lists of...
(Clutter adds to stress)

Need To Detox Your Life? Streamline Your Home By Clearing Your Mind

Is your home very messy with clothes, shoes, paperwork, and other unwanted stuff lying around? Do you have difficulty finding your keys or your...

The Effect Of Trauma On The Vagus Nerve And Mindfulness

Meditation can heal our bodies and mind alike. It can restore the body back to its glory days with regular practice and required nourishment....
Mindful eating can aid in weight loss

3 Ways Mindful Eating Can Help With Weight Loss

Mindful eating will transform your weight-loss efforts. When you’re more aware, you’ll make healthier food choices. This prevents you from carelessly eating snacks while watching TV. Mindfulness also promotes portion control, a major factor of weight loss. You’ll be able to recognize when you’re actually full. As you make better food choices, your body will better absorb nutrients. This will support your body as it changes during weight loss.
Transformative Things To Do When You Are Sick

Mindfulness: How It Helps When You Are Sick

Everyone falls sick at one time or another. Sickness can be a miserable feeling and can leave us incapable of doing anything. It drains our energy and steals our appetite. While the medicines do their best to fight off the sickness, its side-effects make us even worse. Sick time can be utilized to your advantage if you know how to transform your life.

5 Steps To Practice Vipassana Meditation The Right Way

Vipassana meditation helps you see things as they really are; it gives you the bigger picture. Sit with your legs crossed and your back straight. Focus on your rising and falling abdomen as you breathe naturally and say “rising, rising, falling, falling” in your head. When your mind wanders, assign new words to your feelings, sensations, and thoughts. Be gentle on your thoughts and relax.

5 Steps To Not Repeat Your Relationship Mistakes

A failed or unsuccessful relationship teaches you how to tackle impendent relationships. Since you have control over your choices and actions, take the responsibility of your experience. Then, have the will to change what you've done in the past. Accept the people the way they are, instead of wondering how they should be or could be! Spend some time with yourself and know what you want from a relationship/how you want to feel. Honor your needs and communicate them to others to set your expectations right.

7 Meditation Techniques To Bring Balance Into Your Life

The many benefits of meditation have been universally accepted because of scientific experiments that have documented the brain activity of Buddhist monks. It has...

7 Easy Ways You Can Overcome Sleepless Nights

Practicing mindful can calm the mind and relieve stress both which can improve sleep. Magnesium in the body relaxes the body; therefore, maintaining this mineral in the system is important. Trying cognitive behavioral therapy – approved treatment for insomnia, reducing the daily caffeine intake, keeping a sleep diary, using essential oils, and sleeping on a comfortable mattress can help you overcome sleepless nights.

8 Tips For High-Performance Moms To Refresh Their Health

Being a high-performance mom can be stressful to the mind and the body. This can also limit the number of things that you can do to relieve that stress. Thus it is better to concentrate on your work and make some small tweaks and adjustments in order to be efficient at what you do. Things such as reducing your sugar intake, eating right, cutting out on sensitive foods, avoiding caffeine, exercising, being aware of your surroundings, and doing something that makes you happy.
tips for a healthy and nutritious brunch

5 Ways To Make Your Brunch Delicious And Healthy

Sleeping in and waking up late has led to more and more of us skipping breakfast. This practice paved way for the concept of having a brunch to satisfy your hunger and nutritional needs. Make your brunch a very healthy meal by adding lots of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables.

9 Guaranteed Ways To Relieve Your Stress And Anxiety

Several studies prove that doing certain activities and engaging in certain things can reduce stress levels instantly. Talk to your friends and family, listen to your favorite music, and play with your pets. Make sure to exercise regularly, practice yoga and meditation. You could also light up a few scented candles to relax your mind.

7 Easy Steps Of Finding Peace Every Day

Finding peace in our everyday life will add up to the peace that we can get through out life. Doing some basic things will help you to get the ultimate prize. These small things add up in the long run. It can be as simple as maintaining morning habits, not drinking too much coffee, making your home tidy, being nice to other people, to be thankful, to be mindful and also to accept things as they come along.