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Increasing mindfulness at home will bring more peace and reduce stress

5 Simple Ways To Increase Mindfulness In Your Home

Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to improve memory, relieve stress, and enhance immunity. Start with your home, the place that doubles as your personal space. Disconnect by turning off electronics at night or when you have company. Mirrors encourage self-criticism, so don’t hang too many. Decorate with houseplants to invite Mother Nature into your home. De-clutter and clean regularly to make your house visually pleasing. This will make it easier to focus on what’s really important.

Things To Be Mindful Of While Using Lube

Lube is an innovative invention of science that has helped increased overall sexual pleasure. It takes care of the tiny glitches that a couple...

How To Rewire Your Brain To Stop Worrying

You are sitting in a diner with your friends and they are talking and having fun but you cannot stop worrying about something that...

4 Proven Techniques To Get Rid Of Change Related Anxiety

Change is the only constant in this transient world. But we often forget that in life. We sometimes become so used to the stability...
exercises to correct dowager's hump

5 Ways To Correct A Growing Dowager’s Hump

The development of a hump at the base of the neck can be seen in an increasing number of people these days. It's usually due to the faulty posture of slouching and leaning forward while sitting this condition develops. Simple tips like maintaining the right posture every time. Practicing neck stretching, chin tucking and wearing a posture correction brace can help too.

5 Ways To Fall In Love With Healthy Food Habits

If you thought that eating healthy is difficult, then perhaps you should read on to see why it is not so difficult after all. Eating healthy is just a matter of making the right choices consciously and continuously so that it becomes a habit. A few tips that can help you are adopting mindful eating, stocking healthy foods, listening to your body signals, and taking it one step at a time.

The 5 Step Plan To Stop Emotional Eating

Emotional eating works on a reward based system in the brain, which is different from eating when you're hungry. When we feel low, eating makes us feel better, so we begin to binge eat. Being mindful of what you eat, it is possible to break out of the habit. Also, as opposed to just 'snapping out' of it, it is better to phase out the habit slowly to give the body time to adapt.
10 Nutritional & Lifestyle Changes To Improve Mental Clarity

10 Nutritional & Lifestyle Changes To Improve Mental Clarity

To improve mental clarity, include sources rich in phosphatidylserine (PS) and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) like fruits, vegetables, nuts, liver, kidneys etc. Vitamin D and magnesium-rich foods can elevate your mood. Sleep and exercise can reduce stress and anxiety, improving functions of the brain. Practicing mindfulness helps you focus on the present. Having proteins and avoiding sugar can also help improve mental health.
Mindful ageing can be a wonderful asset as we grow older.

Mindful Aging: Why It Can Be A Wonderful Thing

Mindfulness has gained immense popularity because of its effectiveness. Mindfulness is recognized as one of the main ways to maintain wellness and health. It...
We need to go “offline” to actually give our brains a good rest

6 Ways To Prevent Yourself From Burning Out

In this fast-paced world, we are all running in our lives. It is not enough to just stop working and take a break. When...

5 Tricks To Handle Health-Related Anxieties

Rarely are people blessed with a healthy mind and body devoid of illnesses. Among the many conditions you might face, health-related anxiety might be one. Some of the best methods to prevent and treat such anxiety issues include facing your fears, identifying & managing threats to your personal domain, and early identification and treatment. You can also follow simple strategies to cope up with daily anxiety issues with mindfulness and breathing exercises and by seeking social support.

Self-Care Routine For A Healthy Body, Mind And Soul

We live fast paced lives in a fast-paced world. We often find it hard to slow down after living a fast life. And for...

How To Find Happiness Even During Unhappy Times

Happiness is everyone's end goal, and too many of us mistakenly believe that happiness is a destination that we will be reaching some day....

7 Reasons Why You End Up Eating Even If You’re Not Hungry

Coping with negative emotions like sorrow or loneliness can cause you to eat even if you are not hungry. This is true even if you are too happy. Being with people who are munching on food, seeing food everywhere you go, and eating to fight boredom are other reasons that lead to pointless eating.
Natural Methods To Quit Smoking

7 Natural Ways To Quit Smoking For Good

With over a billion users worldwide and 480,000 deaths every year in the US alone, tobacco continues to be one of the most harmful...