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6 Harmful Effects Of Cellphones That You Should Be Mindful Of

An increasing dependence on smartphones leads to the fear of missing out and the need to constantly stay connected. This causes stress and anxiety. Prolonged use of your phone can cause depression, lower your concentration, and hamper your academic performance. It also hampers your vision, worsens your posture, and disrupt sleep.

Grocery Shopping On A Budget: When And What To Buy Organic

There is a lot to grocery shopping than just buying fruits and vegetables that look right to you. If you are purchasing an apple...

7 Tips For Women To Help Cope With Stress

Since women tend to experience more stress than men, it's important that you take measures to reduce your stress levels. Aerobic exercise, a well-balanced diet, and sufficient sleep are essential for stress management. It's also important to organize your work better and learn to say "no." You could also consider mindful meditation or indulge a favorite hobby, as they're known to reduce stress levels.

Effects Of Alcohol On The Brain: How Booze Works On Your Brain

Alcohol can be exciting and fun at first, causing you to feel less inhibited, elated, and even less tired. But this effect on the brain’s messaging system soon turns to memory lapses/loss, issues with decision making, and even blackouts. Long-term abuse or heavy drinking could even impair cognitive ability and cause brain damage, scar tissue, and Wernicke Korsakoff syndrome. So be careful when you drink!

Live A Stress-Free Life With This Mindful Movement

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese mind-body practice. The benefits can change the way you handle stress, and ultimately, help you regain control of life. You’ll feel much calmer thanks to the controlled breathing techniques. It’ll also improve the gut-brain axis and help qi, your life energy, move more freely. And as Tai Chi lowers the stress hormone cortisol, your body will get a better handle on inflammation, immunity, and chronic pain.

7 Reasons Why Flexible Dieting Is Effective

Flexible dieting has a single, simple rule: eat when you are hungry and stop when you're full. Guided by mindful eating, it helps with weight loss or gain while keeping you satiated and happy. Compliment flexible dieting with some exercise to get a fit body. It helps you disassociate food with feelings and provides healthier options to deal with your mood. Overall, it is a sustainable and effective way of dieting.

5 Health Risks To Be Mindful Of If You’re Getting Inked

Getting inked can be an exhilarating experience for an individual. But it is not a cake walk. Getting inked or tattooed can be a...
Anxiety Can Hinder Our Ability To Function Productively

7 Handy Tips To Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety is our body’s reaction to stress and is something that everyone experiences at some point of time in their lives. But when we...

How To Use Mindfulness To Cope With Social Media Addiction

Ever witnessed this? You’re walking in the park and you see a couple sitting on a bench. Instead of holding each other and having...

5 Reasons To Ditch Your Fitness Gadgets And Run “Naked”!

While fitness gadgets are helpful in tracking our performance, they might actually reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. Using fitness watches while running can reduce your speed and increase performance anxiety. They also disturb your body's internal stress cues and ignore your physical stamina, thereby making you overwork. Fitness gadgets might sometimes make running less enjoyable and decrease your mindfulness.

3 Modern Systems For Addiction Recovery

An alarming number of people are experiencing some form of addiction. However, addiction recovery isn't simple as relapse rates are high. Some of the newer methods that aim to increase the efficacy of traditional treatments include mindfulness training (or Mindfulness-based relapse prevention), anti-drug vaccines, and social support through instant messaging and social media applications.

4 Emotional And Mental Strategies To Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss also has an emotional aspect that can actually help a lot in achieving success. There are many psychological techniques that people can practice to gain control of their mind and eating habits. Adopt art or writing therapy, alternative therapies to release negative energy, mindfulness to improve eating habits, use engaging activities to distract from cravings. Employ positive thinking practices to gain the upper hand.
benefits of sensory deprivation tanks

Sensory Deprivation Tanks And Their Health Benefits

Isolation tanks or floatation therapy utilizes the large tanks filled with Epsom salt containing water that's temperature -regulated. Spending 2 hours in a sensory deprivation tank with no exposure to light or sound stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system. This relaxes your body and mind. It has also been scientifically proven to be effective in easing chronic pain.
How To Feel Good About The Food You Eat

Five Ways To Develop A Healthier Relationship With Food

For something as essential to survival as food, most of us have a pretty complicated relationship with it. We binge on unhealthy food, we...
A few tips can help you drop your kid happily at school.)

A Morning Checklist To Ensure Your Kid Is Happily Off To School

No doubt that sending your kids off to school can be a bit of a task, but you can ensure that this chore can...