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4 Causes Of Menstrual Nausea And Natural Remedies

4 Causes Of Menstrual Nausea And Natural Remedies

Many women who are having their periods may occasionally also experience nausea. Nausea is an uneasy feeling in the stomach that makes a person feel as though they want to throw up. This feeling of nausea during periods may be caused due to many reasons such as endometriosis, migraine headaches, or even due to a hormonal imbalance. Simple remedies can usually help prevent and treat this condition.

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Signs You Have Too Much Estrogen In Your Body

5 Signs Your Estrogen Is Too High And How To Tackle It

Estrogen is an important hormone which orchestrates our monthly cycle. Not every woman will have the same amount of estrogen in her body and...

8 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself On Your Period

You're likely to feel under the weather so use these self-care tips to give your body the TLC it needs. Relax and drink herbal teas to ease cramping. Try to eat healthy, light food. Women who exercise seem to experience less pain, so give that a try. Draw a warm bath with Epsom salts to relax your muscles. Make sure to get enough rest during this time as well.

The Right Way To Have Satisfying Sex During Your Period

The woes of periods might have started when we were in the seventh grade, but the ingrained embarrassment is something that we still carry...
Home Remedies With Tamarind Leaves

7 Amazing Ways To Use Tamarind Leaves For Your Health

The tamarind fruit has a distinct sweet-sour tanginess that makes it popular in South Asian cooking. However, much lesser known are its leaves which...

Taking Care Of Your Hair Through Different Stages Of Your Menstrual Cycle

Almost all the women around the world have to deal with menstruation for a certain period in their lives. Be it the tolerable aches...
changes in vaginal discharge during a menstrual cycle

5 Stages Of Vaginal Discharge During A Menstrual Cycle

The cervical mucus, commonly known as the vaginal discharge is almost nil during the days of menstruation. Following that the 4 remaining stages occur. Gradually the thickness and flow of the cervical mucus increase and it attains an egg-white consistency on the day of ovulation. The fall and rise of hormones like estrogen and progesterone are responsible for these changes.
Period cramps could be a sign of serious health issues

Types Of Period Cramps That Indicate Serious Threats

Be it short or long in duration, period cramps totally suck. It’s a common problem faced by many women around the world and also,...
Home remedies can be used to regulate hormonal imbalance and irregular periods

8 Home Remedies To Tackle Irregular Periods Naturally

Has your menstrual cycle altered its usual pattern and appeared unannounced, either before or after the expected date? This need not be a reason...
reasons behind painful periods

6 Causes Of Period Pain That Are Often Overlooked

Periods can be extremely painful if your uterine health is compromised. In women suffering from conditions like fibroids, endometriosis, and adenomyosis, this has been noted. In many other women with untreated STDs, pelvic inflammatory disease can cause severe menstrual pain. Sometimes, periods cramps are more intense in women following the insertion of a copper IUD.

6 Reasons Why Your Period May Be Worse Than Others

Unhealthy diets and weight gain can cause unbearable period pain. Too little or too much exercise can cause painful periods. Sometimes, a painful period can be because of your age, which decreases with time. Period cramps can be relieved using oral contraceptives prescribed by a doctor. Period irregularities may be due to a health condition like endometriosis.
The symptoms of PMS can cause anxiety, or make already existing anxiety worse.

It Is Possible For Your Periods To Cause Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling that all of us go through from time to time, especially in reaction to stressful events. While some anxiety is...

The Difference Between Spotting And Getting Your Period

A period will involve a decent amount of blood discharge that lasts from three to five days, while spotting is sporadic and irregular, causing pink and brown spots around the vagina. Spotting, unlike periods, does not involve cramping or backaches. While periods are part of a natural process, spotting, especially during pregnancy may be the sign of a miscarriage. The treatment for spotting varies depending on what the cause is.

How To Know Whether It Is Postpartum Bleeding Or A Period ?

Every mother experiences vaginal bleeding after the delivery. Your body removes the remains from the lining of the uterus where the placenta and the...