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What Your Hair Says About Your Health

When hair looks dull, dry, and is brittle, it is a sign of dehydration so consume at least 2.7 liters of fluid a day. If you notice dark facial hair suddenly appearing on your upper lip or hair thickening on your arms, it might be due to the excessive secretion of testosterone. Experts confirm that thinning hair is caused by stress and anxiety.
Does Cell Phone Radiation Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Does Cell Phone Radiation Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects 50% of men over 40 years of age. The known risks from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity, and hypercholesterolemia. Studies have shown that cell phone radiation may harm reproductive system. Research indicates that it may cause decrease in sperm count and mobility, DNA changes, and sperm morphology. Report says cell phone radiation is linked to erectile dysfunction.
Foods that kill sex drive

Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive And Reduce Your Libido?

Foods that can kill your libido are bottled water, mint, canned foods, coffee, sodas, chocolate, alcohol and tobacco. While mint and chocolate reduce testosterone levels the others lower sex drive in general. Other causes for reduced libido include stress, anxiety, hormonal problems and consumption in drugs.
4 Things Which Tell You You're Healthy

4 Things Which Tell You You’re Healthy

Important key performance indicators for assessing health are: Knowing the general health and frequency of illness, Realizing the energy levels during the day, Libido or sexual drive (how often do you get a morning erection?), How long and what sort of quality sleep do you get? If you have assessed all the four important point, you can figure out your health.
drinking milk with honey increase sperm count

Does Drinking Milk With Honey Increase Sperm Count?

Milk and honey is a traditional remedy that can help boost your sperm count and improve your reproductive health. Milk is rich in vitamin A, needed for sperm production, and vitamin B12, which can maintain sperm count by protecting against free radical damage. Honey is not just antioxidant-rich but also has zinc and vitamin B that can help improve fertility and sperm count and quality.
Does Menopause Cause Weight Gain

Does Menopause Cause Weight Gain?

  Generally, the hormonal changes of menopause might make you more likely to gain weight around the abdomen than around the hips and thighs. However,...
Follow A Mediterranean Diet To Look Young

Follow A Mediterranean Diet To Look Young

A recent study in the British Medical Journal says that eating a diet full of vegetables, olive oil, fresh fish and fruits- a typical...

Do I Lose Vital Nutrition Through Masturbation?

In Ayurveda, nutrition consists of 4 things: The sensual objects we perceive; Our actions, thoughts, and feelings; The environment around us; Dietary range. Once energy is expended, through any channel our bodies and minds start metabolizing again, and if our “diet” of the four above is wholesome and plentiful, we will be able to regenerate our energy.
How Many Times A Week Is Masturbation Healthy

How Many Times A Week Is Masturbation Healthy?

According to Ayurveda, masturbation is safe depending on the person's body type: Kapha, Pitta, or Vata. The Kapha and Pitta body type can masturbate often as they are stable and have more energy, respectively. But the Vata body type can overdo masturbation as they tend to obsess over ideas and fantasies. Masturbating once or twice a week is fine.
Fighting Back Impotence The Herbal Way.

Fighting Back Impotence The Herbal Way.

Herbal remedies for impotency help naturally bring back a fading libido. Rhodiola Rosea, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Maca and Horny Goat Weed are used to treat decreasing testosterone levels, poor libido and erectile dysfunction. Although available in the market these remedies don't sell well because of poor labeling and regulation.

Andropause – Decoding The Male Menopause Mystery.

What is Andropause? We know what women experience as they age. At about age 45 or older a woman starts menopause. But men are also...

How Can I Improve My Sperm Quality?

Eat broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage. Consume lycopene-rich (red fruits/veggies). Research found it increased sperm count by 70 per cent. Have herbal oil massage. Take folic acid, zinc sulfate, vitamin C and selenium supplements. Coffee improves swimming speed of sperms. Reduce stress. Avoid soy ,HFCS, cycling and stay away from laptops.
Is Circumcision necessary and healthy?

Is Circumcision Healthy And Necessary?

Multiple studies have shown that circumcision lowers the chances of various conditions in not just men but also women partners. But is it an absolute necessity? Can uncircumcised men stay healthy and avoid diseases with safe sexual practices and good hygiene? Pain, bleeding, increased risk of meatitis, and risk of injury to the penis are risks associated with it. Although it prevents UTIs, practicing safe sex, good hygiene, and regular medical check up can prevent STIs.

Lifestyle Changes To Reverse Erectile Dysfunction.

Many men turn to medication at the first sign of erectile dysfunction but studies have shown that simple lifestyle changes can help in treating...
Masturbation, Ayurveda, and Healing

Masturbation, Ayurveda, and Healing

Examine your fantasies to see what truly turns you on. Learn not to settle for cheap thrills. Avoid robotic masturbation, just as you would not want monotonous sex. Don’t masturbate if you are not positively charged and you should only engage with a lover when you are vitally turned-on. Don’t masturbate just to fall asleep. If you are exhausted skip masturbating.