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How To Address The Root Causes Of Infertility Naturally

If you have been trying to conceive for more than a year, there is a good chance that something may be causing you to...

Excess Androgen Is Not The Only Reason You Have PCOS

There are 2 causes other than insulin resistance and excess androgen that is responsible for irregular ovulation and lower estradiol and progesterone levels in 40% women with PCOS. The first is elevated prolactin levels due to stress, pregnancy, or pituitary tumors. The second is an ineffective thyroid gland that disrupts the functioning of all body cells, including ovarian cells.

Natural Alternatives To IVF Treatment If You Have PCOS

Women with PCOS can conceive naturally if the right root cause can be identified. High-androgen types need to control blood sugar and insulin with a low-glycemic-load diet and exercise. High-prolactin types need to reduce stress levels and consume foods rich in Vit B6. Low estrogen types should consume a diet rich in magnesium, zinc, and Vit C, B5, B6 to help restore normal adrenal function.

12 Aphrodisiac Foods To Boost Your Libido

Cupid may not always need an arrow! Sometimes he uses a fork! Food has long been used to help people get in the mood....

Can Avocados Help Regulate Estrogen And Insulin Levels?

Avocados are rich in nutrients, fatty acids, and plant sterols. They contain healthy fats, making them good for weight management. The plant sterols promote the production of estrogen in women and testosterone in men and also maintain the right progesterone balance in women. They also inhibit both synthesis and release of insulin, keeping it within healthy limits.

9 Signs Of Hormone Imbalance You Shouldn’t Ignore

Hormonal changes affect EVERYONE from birth to death. Hormonal balance is vital to a healthy, cancer-free mind and body, but can be disrupted in...

Facts About Prostate Cancer You Might Not Know

Prostate cancer is quite common (affects 16% men) but mostly benign (only 3% die of it). Lower urinary tract disorders can indicate prostate problems. Exercise your pelvic floor muscles, eat vegetables rich in lutein (broccoli), beta-carotene (spinach), and lycopene (tomatoes), and cut down on animal fat and processed foods to improve prostate health and reduce cancer risk.

What Are The Natural Remedies For Treating Andropause?

Simple daily exercises like walking and jogging (20-30 mins) can boost muscle mass and strength. Avoid alcohol and processed foods. Add zinc-rich oysters and Vit B6 rich avocados to your diet to boost testosterone levels. Ginger tea is a good home remedy for treating joint pains during andropause. Keep stress levels low as it imbalances testosterone levels.

9 Ways To Make Your Sperm Stronger, Faster And More Fertile

Healthy sperms translate into healthy babies. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving the quality of nutrition is essential to improve your chances of conception....
Natural Ways For Men To Maintain Ideal Testosterone Levels

Natural Ways For Men To Maintain Ideal Testosterone Levels

Boost testosterone levels by doing weight training regularly, taking natural supplements like ashwaghanda, taking adequate rest, eating zinc and magnesium rich foods like spinach and chard and reducing sugar and alcohol. Consuming organic fats from oily fish, peanuts and avocados and skin exposure to early morning sun helps in boosting testosterone levels.

Which Yoga Exercises Help Increase Sperm Count?

Ashwani Mudra - Sit in a meditative pose. Slowly pull the anus and lower abdominal muscles up and relax. Agnisar Kriya - Stand with feet apart. Place hands on the knees and loosen your belly. Exhale, hold your breath out and pull your stomach in as far as you can, such that it touches your back. Then, loosen and release the stomach.

Why Do Men Know So Little About The Organ They Love?

Through childhood we don't talk about the penis, until in high school when we are told about its basic functionality. This leaves erectile dysfunction, dribbling and premature ejaculation in the dark. Do some research, meet a doctor if you feel abnormal in that department, discuss your problems with people and take appropriate action rather than shying away.

Understanding and Curing Infertility [Part 1]

Infertility is the inability to conceive a child within one year. A diagnosis of infertility simply means that becoming pregnant may be a challenge rather than a feeling of hopelessness. Most men with fertility problems have no signs or symptoms and in women, it may be signaled by irregular menstrual periods or other medical conditions.

Prevent Premature Ejaculation With Pelvic Muscles

Do kegel exercises on a regular basis as the stronger the pelvic muscles, the better the chance of controlling your ejaculation. Strengthen your pelvic muscles and bring them under your control. During intercourse, being able to contract your pelvic muscles 10 times will help you reign in the urge to ejaculate sooner than you want.
Is FDA Approved Women Libido Booster Addyi Overhyped?

Is FDA Approved Women Libido Booster Addyi Overhyped?

Addyi is expected to work by changing the balance of particular brain neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. It claims to improve women's sexual experience but comes with various side effects like nausea and dizziness. Instead, change lifestyle habits like skipping workouts, sleep deprivation and heavy dinner to improve libido.