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Is Art The Latest Flavor Of Meditation?

Is Art The Latest Flavor Of Meditation?

Art is known to induce a sense of artistic flow that makes it so therapeutic for a stressed mind. Besides teaching you to let go of control and allowing you to release emotions art also makes for a healthy distraction that keeps your mind from ruminating over worrisome thoughts. Remember though, your goal should be to practice everyday so you can reap the benefits of this alternative form of meditation.
How To Coach Your Brain To Stop Stressing

How To Coach Your Brain To Stop Stressing

Writing down your worries helps declutter your mind and makes it easier to reach a clear solution. Studies also show that meditation helps boost cognitive function and mental stability, while exercising daily may help bring down your stress hormones and boost the happy ones instead. Making these practices a part of your daily routine should help prevent your brain from always focusing on the negative and over-analyzing needlessly.

Guided Meditation Through Stories For Toddlers Struggling To Sleep

Parenting is a hard task that requires constant and unflinching patience. Being parents to toddlers is one of the biggest challenges that parents can...
How 1-Minute Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight

How 1-Minute Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight

Chronic stress is a risk factor for weight gain, but 1-minute meditation might help. By relieving stress, meditation reduces the hunger hormone ghrelin. This is great news for appetite control. Decreasing stress also lowers cortisol, the stress hormone that promotes fat buildup. Finally, meditation also benefits emotional eating. You’ll be able to notice when you’re actually full. To meditate, focus on breathing or an object for one minute.
ways to cope with anger

10 Ways To Cope With Anger Effectively

Rage is a dangerous emotion. Dealing with one's anger issues is not alien to anybody out there. However practicing kindness, mindfulness, understanding, and tolerance can help you a great deal in overcoming your anger. Don't react in a fit of rage and don't indulge in dirty blame games when you are angry. Remember that actions and words unleashed in anger can never be taken back.
The vagus nerve must stay activated for our vital organs to function properly.

5 Ways To Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. It starts in the brain, circles around our digestive system, and connects to...

Here’s What Meditation Does To Your Unborn Baby

With your expanding tummy comes even more expanding responsibilities. Practicing meditation will benefit a lot, especially during pregnancy. Meditation is keeping your mind without agitation....

A Simple Clairvoyance Meditation Technique To Open The Third Eye

Clairvoyance meditation is absolutely necessary if you want to open your third eye. The third eye is actually a natural part of every person....

A Detailed Guide To Practicing Zen Meditation

The effects of meditation have been studied by modern science and researchers have found that the simple practice of meditation has enormous benefits for...

How You Can Get The Benefits Of Meditation?

Meditation improves our mental abilities, strengthens our immune function, and helps us become more empathic. The SOS method is a comprehensive mindfulness technique that incorporates the latest scientific discoveries. Simplicity of Stillness (SOS) method activates the natural healing potential in the mind and body which helps to diminish the lasting effects of trauma. Meditation reduces stress, illness, depression, and anxiety. Meditation improves relationships and self-esteem and increases creativity.

5 Steps To Practice Vipassana Meditation The Right Way

Vipassana meditation helps you see things as they really are; it gives you the bigger picture. Sit with your legs crossed and your back straight. Focus on your rising and falling abdomen as you breathe naturally and say “rising, rising, falling, falling” in your head. When your mind wanders, assign new words to your feelings, sensations, and thoughts. Be gentle on your thoughts and relax.

5 Key Regions Of The Brain You Can Upgrade Through Meditation

A few decades ago, it was believed that our brain's potential is set at birth, but according to the newly discovered principle of neuroplasticity,...

The Full Power Of Taoist Meditation And How To Do It

Modern science has found that the simple act of meditation regularly has a profound impact on your mind and body. Even if you're not...

Tapping Into The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind With Meditation

Some of the biggest CEOs and successful entrepreneurs repeatedly talk about how important it is to harness the early morning hours to set your...
The third eye chakra

5 Easy Ways To Open Your Third Eye Chakra

The third eye or the ajna chakra is considered an important energy force in helping us achieve more by being more. Opening the third eye chakra involves practice of meditation, gazing, and creative pursuits. By opening the third eye, you open yourself up to limitless possibilities. Proponents claim that doing so makes one more confident, more assured of their choices, and wiser to the consequences of their actions.