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Hot Dogs Are Incredibly Satisfyingly Foods

Seven Surprising Hot Dog Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Hot dogs are incredibly satisfyingly foods. They’re cheap, simple, readily available, and are absolutely delicious. Hot dogs, although an American favorite, surprisingly has some...

4 Restaurant Menu Items That Serve As Calorie Overkills

Dishes like omelettes stuffed with hamburger patties and prime ribs are already high in calorie and saturated fat content. Since these are almost always accompanied by sides like buttermilk pancakes or mashed potatoes, the calorie meter shoots up even higher, making one meal at a restaurant carry at least 1800-1900 calories. This is almost equivalent to an entire day's worth of an average healthy person's calorie-intake.
A vegetarian diet should be planned well to make it healthy

5 Habits Every Vegetarian Should Always Avoid

Ditching meat may be a smart move, but that doesn’t mean every vegetarian diet is healthy. Eating starchy carbs is a setup for hunger and high blood glucose, so eat whole grains. Protein deficiency is a common risk but don’t depend on fake meat and go for nuts, beans, and lentils. Enjoy fruits for their fiber and vitamins. Snack smart and steer clear of food that’s processed, sugary, and salty.
8 Health Secrets From People Who Have Lived For 100 Years

8 Health Secrets From People Who Have Lived For 100 Years

Living a healthy and long life is the desire of every human being on the planet. Health and longevity are influenced by many factors such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, our outlook towards life, and a healthy lifestyle. These factors are also crucial to keep diseases at bay and promote health. By following the simple practices mentioned here, you can become healthier and live longer.
5 Helpful Tips To Lower Your Risk Of Cancer

5 Helpful Tips To Lower Your Risk Of Cancer

Using appropriate methods of sun protection can help fend off skin cancer. Keeping yourself hydrated helps dilute the damaging effects of cancer-causing agents while eating chlorophyll-rich leafy greens can help rid your body of cancerous compounds. Marinating your meat with antioxidant-rich spices before grilling can prevent oxidative damage caused by free cancerous radicals, while exercise burns fat and lowers blood estrogen levels to keep cancer at bay.
Eat a properly balanced meal after an intense workout

Eat These 3 Things After An Intense Workout

To recover after a hardcore workout, focus on specific nutrients. Protein is needed to repair muscle cells, while carbs re-energize the body. This combination of protein plus carbs also reduces muscle damage and soreness. To replenish electrolytes lost through the sweat, reach for a sports drink to prevent dehydration. A sample post-workout meal includes a whole grain wrap with leafy greens, chicken breast, and hummus, along with a handful of unsalted almonds.

7 Handy Tips To Help You Switch Over To Meat Eating

After eating a vegetarian or vegan diet, consuming meat again takes time. Start small and introduce it slowly. To avoid handling raw meat, buy it pre-cooked or dine out. You can even sneak it into meals like soups and casseroles. When you do buy meat, make sure it’s of high quality and talk to local farmers so you can learn where it comes from. Seafood is an ideal "starter" meat because it's easy to digest.
Cheap industrial meats are bad for the environment

How Is Cheap Meat Fueling The Anthropocene

Industrial farming produces inexpensive meat, but the environmental trade-off isn’t worth. Humans are now the greatest force on the planet. Raising, slaughtering, and processing farm animals emit toxic greenhouse gases. It’s even more than emission from vehicles. Pesticides, antibiotics, and arsenic are also released into the environment. These substances don’t degrade, and might even cause a loss of biodiversity. To stop fueling industrial farming, ditch the cheap meat. Buy local whenever possible.
What are the healthiest ways to cook chicken.

The Best Ways To Cook Chicken: Is Yours One Of Them?

The benefits of chicken range from boosting immunity to being high in protein. However, if you're cooking your chicken the wrong way, it might lose its nutrition. The best way to cook chicken, according to nutritionists, is to poach or boil it. Grilling comes a close second, followed by slender sauteing. However, it is best to avoid frying your chicken as increases the saturated fat content.
You can easily make healthy lunches at your workplace.

Easy 3-Ingredient Lunches You Can Even Make At Your Workplace

Not everyone likes spending time in the kitchen. Thanks to our busy and hectic schedules, we don’t even have healthy meals as work. Some...

Eating Out? Avoid Ordering These 6 Menu Items

Tap water could be a bacterial breeding ground if it has been left sitting out for long, while complimentary snacks may have been touched by contaminated hands. Bread fills you up fast but will leave your tummy faster, while chicken dishes are full of extra sodium and calories to mask the bland flavor. Kobe or wagyu beef burgers are a huge lie, while drink garnishes are very rarely served fresh.

6 Disease-Fighting Foods To Eat Your Way To Health

Avocados are full fiber and are good for diabetics since it slows down the release of sugar into the bloodstream. Beans being high in isoflavones keep your heart healthy while oranges, flax seeds, and spinach are great cancer-fighters. Spinach also helps protect brain function while turkey boosts immunity and makes a healthy substitute for red meat since it's high in protein but low in saturated fats.
Change in estrogen levels in men can cause sexual and other health issues

Is Estrogen Ruining Your Relationship? Find Out

If you're a guy and you find yourself asking the question, "Do I have estrogen?" the answer is a resounding yes! Generally regarded as the female sex hormone, estrogen is also produced in small amounts in a man's body as it's important for normal development and function of the male reproductive system. The downside to this is that abnormally high levels of estrogen can interfere with your fertility, sexual function, and raise your risk of certain chronic diseases.
8 Food Swaps To Make You Slimmer And Healthier

8 Food Swaps To Make You Slimmer And Healthier

The secret to losing weight is to consume fewer calories. Substituting regular yogurt with Greek yogurt will fill you up with protein while sneaking veggies into dishes like cauliflower mash and omelettes will give you a healthy dose of fiber which will keep you feeling full for long. Ditching carbonated drinks and opting for zero-calorie fruit-infused water is also an easy way to cut down on calories!
The right diet can alleviate period cramps.

How To Have A Pain-Free Period By Eating Healthy

Menstrual cramps can be difficult to deal with, but the right diet can help alleviate the pain. Include lots of green vegetables like kale, spinach and broccoli in your diet, along with protein-rich foods like chickpeas. Fish-oil is also known to reduce period cramps. You can also opt for sweet potato and avocados as they are rich in vitamin E. However, avoid consuming coffee, packaged foods and drinks, and meat. Along with the right diet, ensure that you also get ample exercise.