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8 Proven Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

While some massages relax and rejuvenate your body, deep tissue massage has therapeutic effects which are capable of healing your body and repairing muscles, tissues, and joints. The slow, firm strokes against the grain of the muscle may cause some discomfort because deep tissue massage impacts deep layers of muscle and connecting tissues known as fascia.
ways to reduce swelling

8 Best Ways To Reduce Swelling Naturally

Swelling or edema is a condition in which fluid moves into spaces between cells - usually located in the circulatory system - and obstructs the free passage of nutrients. Depending on the cause, swelling can be reduced using hot or cold packs and by resting the affected body parts. Equally beneficial can be trying massage therapy and cutting back on your salt intake.

7 Ways Japanese Women Keep Their Skin Looking Flawless

If there’s one thing we all share in common, it’s that each one of us envies the pore-less perfection that is Japanese skin. Don’t...

Tips About Couple Massage

Getting a massage by your partner is an enriched experience. To be a good massage giver, have good thoughts, relax, and don't kill the knots. To be a good massage receiver, clearly communicate about what you wan't and what not. Also, remember to keep your body straight, avoid bones, and use your body weight to massage.

5 Easy Ways To Add Ayurveda To Your Daily Routine

Drink a glass of warm water right after you wake up to help flush the toxins and eliminate the waste out of your body. Scrape the tongue gently using a U-shaped metal cleaner and try oil pulling using lukewarm coconut or sesame oil. Indulge in self-massage with warm oil all over the body prior to taking a bath or shower. Eat mindfully and get at least 30 mins of exercise a day.

Couple Massage Dos And Don’ts

It feels so good to get a massage by someone who cares about you, doesn’t it? Couple massage, where you massage each other with...

5 Senses-Enhancing Couple Massage

Quick and easy couple massage can be enjoyed in any environment – while watching TV, at the airport, on the beach, etc. If you...

Couple Massage To Strengthen The Bond

It goes without saying that a massage іѕ а wonderful wау to rеlаx your tired body and mind. The kneading and releasing of the...

Simple Massage Therapy For Stress Relief At Home

There are many health benefits to massage therapy. One of the main benefits of massage is to release stress physically and mentally. Physically your...

7 Natural Ways To Deal With Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is scary, but it doesn’t mean all hope is lost. The battle isn’t over yet - it’s just getting started! The way you...

8 Baby IQ Boosting Habits Every Pregnant Woman Should Follow

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5 Strategies For Dealing With A Long Labor

Pregnant women often worry about getting to the hospital in time. For some it's instinctive to know the right time, probably due to past...

4 Natural Healing Methods To Stop Weight Gain

The human body is composed of pure energy as is everything in the universe. Traditional Indian energy healers believe that the underlying cause of...

Migraine Headaches: 9 Ways To Deal With Migraine Pain

If you suffer from constant migraines then you will be quite familiar with the helplessness and pain associated to it. The pulsating pain, nausea...

Physical And Emotional Benefits Of Massage

Whether its chronic back pain, or a stiff neck, benefits of massage techniques like Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, etc. are more than just a luxury.