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The vagus nerve must stay activated for our vital organs to function properly.

5 Ways To Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. It starts in the brain, circles around our digestive system, and connects to...

5 Easy Tips On Tantric Sex For Beginners

The word 'tantra' comes from Indian and Buddhist religious traditions. While most people equate it to ritual sex, tantra has much broader and wider...

Give Yourself An Awesome Massage Based On The Troubled Spots On Your Body

A busy life stops us from taking a break to relax our body and mind. We never spare time to nurture an injury. Our...

3 Simple And Effective Self/Partner Massage Techniques

These techniques can help you to alleviate some of the problems that a close friend or someone of much importance to you is undergoing. It will help them get through the day and also give them a boost of morale and satisfaction. By doing this to other, you can also get happiness of bringing some joy in others and giving them some morale boost. It is always good to start with the right pace and respect. There are many ways in which you can manage problems such as headaches, anxiety, insomnia, menstruation pain and so on, through massage and gentle caressing.

10 Ayurvedic Habits You Must Adopt To Help You Thrive

Ayurveda advocates practicing healthy living in all aspects of life. Whether it's eating right or having a morning routine or meditating daily, Ayurveda ensures that our bodies and minds are attuned to healthy routines daily to ward away illnesses of any kind. Anyone who practices these simple tips can see her life changes positively in all aspects.

A Look At Irritable Bowel Syndrome From An Ayurvedic Angle

Irritable bowel syndrome is a group of digestive disorders that causes abdominal pain, gas, bloating, cramping, constipation, and diarrhea. It generally develops over the course...
Ayurvedic massages are of different types and treat multiple diseases of the body.

10 Types Of Ayurvedic Massages That Can Cure Diseases

Ayurvedic massages are of many types and use medicated oils, herbs, plants, and even utensils at times. The massages are of different forms to treat different types of diseases including migraines, spondylitis, blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis, insomnia, depression, chronic headache, earache, and any kind of pains all over the body. Before going for a massage, know which is the right type to treat your condition.

7 Ways To Keep Your Mind And Body Calm

With the current lifestyle, it is necessary to beat stress and keep our mind and body relaxed to feel motivated and happy. Practicing yoga and breathing exercises calms the body and mind. Listening to your favorite music and keeping a diary are simple ways that help relax your mind. Taking different kinds of body baths – neutral baths, warm water baths, and cold spinal baths – and going for a massage help relax your body.

11 Surprising Secrets For An Easier Labor

Many women consider giving birth as the most challenging phase of their lives. Approaching the due date, the apprehension about the labor and delivery...

5 Amazing Benefits Of Getting Fertility Massages

Fertility massages offer a holistic alternative to drugs or surgery. You’ll be able to manage stress, a common cause of irregular ovulation and infertility. Even tracking your ovulation will be easier, so you’ll know when you’re most fertile. As you sleep better, your reproductive health and immunity will flourish. This massage also keeps you healthy by removing toxins from your lymphatic system. Even circulation will improve, promoting blood flow to your uterus.

7 Easy Tips To Help Soothe Your Fussy Newborn

Hearing your baby cry for the first time is an unforgettable experience. After the long nine months wait, when the baby is finally here, all...

7 Ways To Make Vegetables Appetizing

Vegetables are extremely nutritious and contain plenty of fiber, but they may taste or smell bad to some. You can make them taste better by adding some fats while cooking them. You should not overcook veggies as it may disrupt their taste and texture. Blanching and roasting vegetables also improve their taste. Seasoning vegetables creatively will prevent them from being bland.

4 Self-Fertility Massages For Conception

Looking forward to bringing a baby into this world? Difficulties in conceiving can be a huge letdown to dampen the experience. If you’re having...

Ayurvedic Tips To Manage Cholesterol

Cholesterol can be controlled by ayurveda in 3 ways: Lifestyle management, Herbs usage, and Panchakarma. Minimizing sedantary habits and staying active are vital in channelizing the Vata (V-Dosh) and reducing K-Dosh. To let the herbs act favorably, A-fire has to be balanced. Subdued A-fire (Agni-mandya) and channel obstructions (Srotorodh) are addressed by Deepan-Pachan herbs. Udvartana/powder massage, Swedan/steam, Virechana/herb-induced purgation, and Lekhan basti/medicated decoction are panchakarma procedures to manage cholesterol.

What You Should Know When Selecting A Massage Therapist

Find a licensed therapist because he/she will have professional training and memberships. Interview the therapist in person to get clarity on how he/she would treat you and to see his/her working environment. When you meet with him/her, clearly specify where you are hurting. Also, communicate any discomfort and if the treatment is working for you. Any pain after a massage is because your muscles have become tender. An experienced therapist will know the causes of most problems.