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Woman saying something

10 Sayings That Every Woman Can Relate To

When God created women, he bestowed them with wit, beauty, and kindness, all of them together. Women have an amazing sense of incredibility and...

15 Questions To Ask Before Your C-Section

The number of women opting for C-section is on the rise with each woman having her own reason. While most women who underwent a...

5 Ways To Help Your Children Deal With Your Divorce

When parents choose to separate, the most affected members of a family are the children. Parents should look at this event as a time to place the best interests of their kids above anything else. From making sure that they are loved to allowing them to express themselves freely, children need a lot of reassurance from parents to handle the transition in a smooth manner.
Unexpected Reasons Of Divorce That Might Surprise You

9 Unexpected Reasons Of Divorce That Might Surprise You

Some causes of divorce aren’t obvious. Possible reasons include never listening, saying “I’m sorry”, or setting unfair expectations. A couple is also at risk if they don’t spend time alone or try new things. At home, fighting over chores can make a relationship suffer. It helps to express how you feel instead of pointing fingers. Addictions to work and social media will also lead to divorce, so balance is vital, Finally, co-dependence is harmful, stressing the importance of being independent.

10 Tips For Husbands From Pregnant Women

Being pregnant is difficult for both the expecting mother and the father. Pregnancy is a rocky road and one has to cross many hurdles...
Sexless marriage solutions

Sexless Marriage? Here Are 5 Ways To Get Back In The Sack

Sexless marriages are extremely common these days. There could be several reasons for a low sex drive. But there are plenty of ways to overcome a dry spell. Social psychologists suggest sometimes it's okay to have sex even though you probably aren't in the mood. Needless to say, sex should be consensual and free of coercion. Be honest with your partner and spice things up if you have to.

10 Rules Of Arguing That Can Save Your Relationship

When you're in a relationship, there are going to be conflicts and misunderstandings which could lead to arguments. Arguments create a lot of negativity and could become the cause for your relationship to wither. By following a few simple rules, you can turn arguments into an opportunity to make your relationship stronger and more meaningful.

How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy is the most exciting time in a couple's life. The physical, emotional, and hormonal changes that a woman goes through during this time...

Holding A Sleeping Baby? Things That Definitely Happen

Watching your baby sleep is relaxing and rewarding at the same time. But, only you are aware of the effort that has gone into putting...

The First 40 Days After Childbirth

After having held your precious little one in hands, the time begins when your body needs to heal from pain, and regain the strength...

7 Signs You Might Be Headed For A Heart Attack

You may think that your heart is healthy as long you eat and exercise right. But there are umpteen silent yet deadly factors in...

10 Steps To Survive The First 3 Months With A Newborn

So, your precious baby has finally arrived! After a blissful pregnancy and delivery, you’ve come home (in your pre-pregnancy clothes, of course) with your...

What Not To Do After Eating: 5 Old Wives’ Tales

It's time to question some of very prevalent old wives' tales about after-food habits. Some of them hold true with reason, while others are simply bogus.

5 Self-Care Tips To Get Precious “Me” Time For New Mothers

As a mother, finding precious "me" time and space is a big challenge. Wake up half-hour before the child does to be with yourself and meditate in peace. Plan everything with your partner, from day-to-day life to parenting. Let the child find own ways of self-entertainment , as you focus on other things on hand. Take guilt-free breaks for hobbies and things you love doing. Break free.

Few Truths About Sex After Pregnancy You Should Know

Things were going along just fine in the sex department until you got pregnant, and nine months later, out popped a wailing newborn. Body...