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8 Effective Natural Home Remedies To Manage Migraines

Migraines are of two types. They can be with or without aura. Migraines with aura involve visual stimuli and other symptoms like nausea, up to 30 minutes before the onset of a headache. Migraines cannot be cured but they can be managed through aromatherapy, yoga, massage therapy and dietary additions like ginger and magnesium supplements.

Magnesium – The Nutrient Responsible For Great Health

Magnesium is one of the important micro-nutrients that our bodies cannot function without. It is one of the most abundant minerals in our bodies....

Food For Thought: Diet And Nutrition For A Healthy Back

Proper nutrition and regular exercise are crucial components for maintaining your overall health. These components are even more important if you suffer from back...
Use this spray to help you sleep better

Use This Homemade Magnesium Spray To Help You Sleep Better

Magnesium helps improve sleep quality, reduces the levels of stress hormones and can help in the treatment of insomnia and mood disorders. This homemade spray uses magnesium chloride flakes. Lavender essential oil is also added to aid relaxation through aromatherapy. This spray can be used before bedtime. Lightly mist over the bed linen or on the skin directly to aid sleep.

7 Natural Ways To Build Healthy Bones

It's very important to start focusing on your bone health from a young age. Your bone-building process starts when you're in your mother's womb...
Magnesium supplements can help you sleep better and thus keep diseases at bay.

5 Reasons You Need Magnesium For Better Sleep

Taking magnesium supplements and keep its levels in balance can help you stay healthy in many ways. This includes improving your sleep. Magnesium activates the neurotransmitters, hormones such as melatonin and renin, treats anxiety and depression, resolves deficiency, and induces deep sleep in you. The resulting healthy sleep schedule, in turn, keeps diseases at bay.
best time to drink milk

Best Time To Drink Milk: Morning Or Night

Starting your day off gulping down a glass of milk might seem like a quick and nutritious start to your day, but milk being heavy in digestion can leave you prone to stomach aches and heartburn as well. In accordance with ayurveda, milk may be better saved as an end of day drink to help you wind down and crank up the sleep inducing hormones in your body.
Can Magnesium Help You Sleep Better

How Does Magnesium Help You Sleep Better And Longer?

Insomnia is an indicator of magnesium deficiency. Moreover, since this vital mineral is important for muscular and nerve function, a deficiency often manifests as restless legs syndrome, which can wake you up many times in a single night. Recommended dietary intake is 400–420 mg a day for men and 310–320 mg for women. Eat whole grains, milk and yogurt, green leafy veggies, legumes, and nuts.
do bananas help you sleep

Can Bananas Help You Sleep Better?

Are sleepless nights the bane of your existence? Insomnia and exhaustion are a reality for so many people. And when sleeplessness adversely impacts both health and mood, it's something worth paying attention to. Sure, medical aids exist. But a more natural answer might lie within bananas. They're rich in magnesium, zinc, tryptophan, and potassium, nutrients that are essential for the body to sleep and rest. Here's how it works.

10 Natural Ways To Deal With Depression And Anxiety

It can be quite difficult and at times impossible to handle anxiety and depression. There are times when you feel like you are stuck...

9 Most Effective Foods To Help Relieve Uncomfortable Period Symptoms

Dreading that time of the month? When you don’t just have to change your whole week to meet Aunt Flo’s requests, but also face...

6 Symptoms Of PCOS And 3 Ways To Manage It

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a health issue caused by a hormonal imbalance and marked by a series of small cysts on the ovaries....

Beneficial Role Of Magnesium Chloride In Disease Prevention

Looking for a one-size-fits-all cure for chronic diseases? Read more to learn the potential of magnesium chloride in preventing chronic and fatal diseases.

The Reasons Magnesium-Rich Foods Are So Important

More than just preaching you to have a balanced diet, there are often a few minerals that get overlooked when overemphasizing the need for...

11 Ways To Balance Your Cortisol Levels Naturally

Cortisol imbalance due to stress can manifest into palpitations, low energy, brain fog, night sweats, BP spikes etc. Moderate and regular exercise including yoga can get your stress levels down. Get adequate sleep and avoid screen exposure at night. Stay positive and laugh out loud. Consume foods with Vit C, take magnesium supplements and treat yourself to a massage.