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maca is a natural supplements with multiple benefits

5 Little-Known Benefits Of Adding Maca Powder To Your Diet

If you have asked around for natural supplements that have multiple benefits, maca powder might have been one of the options that you are...

11 Healthy Foods That Will Make You Happy

Serotonin and dopamine are chemicals in the brain that regulate your mood. So, include foods that boost these happy hormones. For example, banana smoothies with chia seeds in the morning and fatty fish with some greens for lunch can promote serotonin production. Keeping your gut healthy with the right foods will also keep you happy. Read on to know 11 healthy foods that will give your mood a boost.

7 Foods To Sort Through Your Thyroid Issues Today

Thyroid dysfunction is gaining in numbers as the next big epidemic. It can be managed to an extent through food. Brazil nuts contain selenium which is needed to convert T3 into usable T4 from the thyroid. The benefits of cruciferous vegetables outweigh the harm they cause. Seaweed and dairy are excellent sources of iodine needed to produce thyroxine. Maca root is can help regulate hormone function very effectively.
6 Foods That Can Quickly Relieve Brain Fog

6 Foods That Can Quickly Relieve Brain Fog

Various factors such as stress, lack of sleep, menopause, some prescription drugs, neurological disorders can cause brain fog in some people. When brain fog occurs, we can lose focus, experience poor memory recall, and even suffer from reduced mental acuity. Thankfully, some nutrient-rich foods that are loaded with phytonutrients contain properties that nourish your brain and can help you recover from brain fog.
These herbs will help reduce the stress levels in your body to a great extent

7 Adaptogenic Herbs To Help You Handle Stress Like A Boss

Adaptogenic herbs help you deal with stress and its side effects. If you’re feeling slumpy, take Asian ginseng for caffeine-free energy. Rhodiola beats fatigue while ashwagandha fights anxiety. Need a memory boost? Holy basil will lend a hand. Spice up your sex life with maca. Stress can also cause physical symptoms like high blood pressure, so take moringa for natural management. Additionally, licorice root is the best choice for stomach problems.

6 Smoothie Ingredients To Improve Your Cognitive Skills

Smoothies are popular drinks which when made with the right ingredients can provide you with numerous health benefits. Using ashwagandha, bee pollen, maca, rhodiola, and almonds in your smoothies can give you an instant energy boost and also improve your memory, focus, and overall cognition. Chia seeds not only improve your mood but can also reduce the risk of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease.
Add a few ingredients to make your green smoothie boost weight loss.

5 Magical Ingredients To Add To Smoothies For Weight Loss

Smoothies are health-friendly, fulfilling for the tummy, and a great food to facilitate weight loss. A lot of nutrients added to smoothies make them...
Herbal Aphrodisiacs For The Best Orgasms Yet

6 Herbs To Eat For The Best Orgasms You’ll Ever Have

If you want to take your sex life from good to mind-blowing, look no further than the natural world. Certain herbs have been prized...
Some herbs boost your energy without overstimulating your central nervous system

6 Energizing Herbs And Roots That Won’t Give You Coffee Jitters

When you feel tired and low, you turn to a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee to give you the much-needed energy to start...
how to get pregnant with twins

11 Factors That Affect Your Chances Of Having Twins

Whether you can give birth to fraternal twins depends on your genes. Other factors that raise your chances include age above 35 years, a higher BMI, a diet rich in dairy products, and multiple pregnancies. IVF is known to hike the chances too. Do note, however, that the factors responsible for the conception of identical twins remain unknown.

8 Healthy, Sexy Benefits Of Maca

Maca is a great source of vit B, C, E as will as iron, magnesium, and calcium.. It’s an adaptogenic herb that helps your body adjust to stressors. It works as an aphrodisiac and helps increase sperm count. Maca boosts energy levels, enhances memory function, reduces stress and anxiety, betters skin tone, balances hormones and can help kick your caffeine addiction.
All You Ever Wanted To Know About Superfoods

All You Wanted To Know About Superfoods!

A superfood is any food that has super nutrient density qualities, whether it be high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats, or a combination of all of the above. Best Superfood Toppings to add to your smoothies and diet: Maca, Raw cacao nibs or powder, Coconut, Goji berries, Bee pollen, Homemade granola, Pumpkin seeds, Spirulina, and Açaí.

Maca: The Wonder Herb

Delicious maca is the fertility wonder food! Not familiar with maca? This once unknown root to current western civilization is just beginning to gain...