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Symptoms of acute Lyme disease usually include fever, sweats, chills, fatigue, nausea, joint pain, a bulls-eye rash, and facial drooping

Here’s Exactly What You Should Do If You Have Lyme Disease

If you suffer from Lyme disease, then you must know how awful it is. It's a disease you wouldn't even wish on your worst...
Keep Lyme Disease Out Of Your Yard

5 Ways To Not Get Lyme Disease From Your Backyard

Lyme disease is an infectious bacterial disease that can cause swollen joints, severe rashes, flu-like symptoms and even severe panic attacks. Ticks are disgusting...

5 Tick-Borne Infections That Aren’t Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne infection, but it isn’t the only one. Ehrlichiosis can be found all over the country. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is common in the Midwest and Southeast, while tularemia is found in the South and Midwest. If you’re in the Northeast or by the Great Lakes, be aware of Powassan virus disease, a rare but fatal infection. Anaplasmosis is found in the Northern areas of America. Always do a tick check after going outside!

Lyme Disease And Its Natural Treatments

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is mainly transmitted by ticks and other insects. The major cause of the disease is usually the...
Our pets can pass on some diseases to us

11 Diseases You Didn’t Know You Can Get From Your Pets

Our pets can pass on diseases such as Lyme disease, hookworms, rabies, salmonella, parrot fever and cat-scratch disease. In more rare cases, one can contract the avian flu, the plague and fish handler’s disease. Pregnant women should especially be careful of toxoplasmosis which can cause miscarriages and birth defects. All of these diseases are preventable through good hygiene practices and keeping up to date with your pet’s care and grooming.

7 Medical Conditions Doctors Often Misdiagnose

Whenever you experience a health problem like sudden pains in different parts of your body, nausea, digestive issues, or other strange symptoms, you head...

7 Reasons Why Cat’s Claw Is Good For Your Health

Cat's claw has been used for years to treat various diseases. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is useful for treating osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Certain studies have also shown that it may relieve cancer symptoms, boost the immune system, and enhance the process of DNA repair. It can be used to treat hypertension as it lowers blood pressure. Cat's claw can also be used to treat Lyme disease and other digestive disorders like gastric ulcers.

How Is Lyme Disease Caused?

An infected adult tick bores a tiny hole in the hosts' skin and attaches itself to the host. The Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium then moves from the tick's salivary glands into the hosts' bloodstream. The tick’s saliva contains a numbing, anesthetic-like substance that keeps you from feeling the bite. The tick needs to be attached for at least 24 hrs for transmitting the bacteria.
Healing Lyme Disease Through Craniosacral Therapy

Heal Lyme Disease Symptoms Using Craniosacral Therapy

Lyme disease is a tick-borne infection causing discomfort ranging from joint aches to neurological issues like brain fog. Craniosacral therapy though not a cure, relieves symptoms like headache, fatigue and neurological issues. Find a qualified doctor and take therapy alongside naturopathy. Lastly, the best way to manage Lyme disease is to avoid it!