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your joints don't creak and ache

8 Exercises To Bulletproof Your Joints And Prevent Injury

Though people think weight training is all about growing muscle, one of the many lesser known benefits of weight training is that it makes...
ready to take on heavy work outs)

7 Full-Body Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises That Prep You For Any Workout

Whether you're a professional athlete or an amateur at the gym, the one thing that you just cannot skip is a warm up routine...
ways to gain weight with a fast metabolism

8 Ways To Gain Weight With A Fast And High Metabolism

A lot is said about being overweight, but being underweight can be just as tough. It's especially difficult if you have a fast metabolism and your body burns through calories quickly. Upping your calorie intake with energy-dense foods, getting adequate protein, and backing that up with the right mix of exercises can help you gain a healthy amount of weight.
Movement flow exercises are easy to follow and increase flexibility

How To Improve Flexibility With Movement Flow Exercises

For an unconventional way to increase flexibility, try movement flow. It’s a fluid series of continuous exercises. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, but basic moves will get you started. Walk around on all fours, stretching out limbs as you please. Plant your hands and kick your legs up. Turn your belly to the ceiling, continuing on all fours. Randomly jump, kick, or do a lunge. The transition between these moves should be swift and smooth.
Yoga helps relieve sciatica pain)

Relieve Sciatica Pain With These 7 Easy Yoga Poses

If you hit the gym and lift heavy weights, have a child at home and have to bend over a lot, or have to...
Simple Exercises Using Towel To Tone Your Body

Simple Exercises Using Towel To Tone Your Body

Sometimes, you may not have the mood to go to the gym, but you don’t want to skip exercising either. In such a scenario, you can easily exercise in the comfort of your own living room as long as it is well-ventilated. All you need for this is a bath towel. Simple exercises that tone your body can be performed using a towel, which is meant to offer resistance.

4 Ways To Make Your Yoga Practice More Creative With Props

If you're a yoga beginner or have tried a yoga session just for fun, you know that transitioning into different poses and maintaining your...

7 Exercise Moves For A Couch Potato’s Workout

The couch is a great place to work out. Really! It doubles as a prop for push-ups and lunge squats. You can also try couch dips. To do them, lean on a couch with the edge behind you. Lower your butt and keep your legs bent or straight. During squats, you can hold a couch pillow. Trying to tone your thighs? Squeeze and hold a pillow in between your knees. To do these moves safely, clear the space of clutter.
five-minute butt exercise routine

Sculpt Your Booty With This 5-Minute Butt-Exercise Routine

A beautiful booty is one that is well-rounded, toned and curvaceous.Rather than resorting to treatments like butt-fillers and implants that have a lot of risks associated, choose to exercise. This 5-minute butt exercise routine consists of squats and lunges that will help you strengthen and tone your glutes.

5 Ugi Ball Exercises For Flat Abs

A Ugi ball is weighted and squishy. When used in crunches, it can tone your abs while strengthening your thighs. Balancing on it during lunges will also work out your core. For a belly-burning exercise, do crab kicks and climbers on a Ugi ball. Doing twists with this tool will slim your waist and make your abs stronger. As you build more muscle, you’ll burn more calories and slim down your waist.

5 Exercises To Do When On the Go

Are you constantly on the go? Do you have a job that has you on the road most or all of the time? It...

Flexibility Exercises For Children

Flexibility exercises in children should be practiced as a part of their daily routine. These keep them active and help to stay away from...

9 Tips To Lose Weight By Walking

Walking can be a fun, effective, and healthy way to start increasing your level of physical activity and to shed those extra pounds. It...

8 Yoga Poses You Can Do In 8 Minutes To Relieve Back Pain

A weak back can deny you even the littlest pleasures in life like lifting your child up and throwing him in the air or...

3 Undeniable Reasons To Train Movements, Not Muscles

Since its heyday in the 1970’s, bodybuilding has been the dominant influence on how most everyday exercisers go about structuring their strength training. In...