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Chinese herbs to help you balance hormones

10 Chinese Herbs That Can Help You Balance Hormones

Chinese herbs have been used for about 2000 years as an effective remedy against many diseases. Herbs like Chinese wild yam, lotus seeds, longan fruit, and black sesame seeds can be used to balance the hormones in the body while relieving menstrual problems. Chinese red dates, astragalus root, and goji seeds can boost your energy levels. American ginseng has a calming effect on the body and also regulate the hormone levels.
Health Benefits Of Longan Fruit

7 Evidence-Based Health Benefits Of Longan Fruit

Longan is a tropical berry that’s related to lychee. It can strengthen your bones by stimulating osteoblasts, the cells that form bones. It also has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties, so it can help you fight off chronic disease and neurodegenerative conditions. Longan is an antimicrobial and anti-fungal that’s powerful enough to fight staph infection, MRSA, and candida. Plus, the fruit will give you an energy boost by reducing your body’s levels of waste products.