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8 Steps To Manage Your Leptin Levels For Weight Loss

Leptin is a hormone that can help you feel full quickly, cutting down your food intake and helping you lose weight. Sadly, this mechanism is impaired in most obese people, who have a leptin resistance. Cut down on sugar, quit alcohol, have protein with each meal, try turmeric, green tea, and oily fish, and exercise regularly to tackle leptin resistance. Also sleep for 7–9 hours to improve leptin levels.

Hormones: A Major Factor That Affects Weight Loss

If you're on a mission to lose weight, you've probably tried everything from cutting down on your calories to spending hours sweating in the...

Hunger Hormones: Here’s How You Can Control Them

There are two main hunger hormones. Ghrelin which increases appetite and leptin which suppresses it. Their levels are affected by stress, sleep, and other factors. For instance, ghrelin is better controlled by protein and complex carbs than fat. Ghrelin may increase when one is stressed. Levels of leptin tend to drop when one is sleep deprived. By controlling these factors, you can maintain control of your appetite.
Control These 8 Hunger Hormones To Prevent Constant Hunger

Control These 8 Hunger Hormones To Prevent Constant Hunger

Eating food is a basic human need that is caused by hunger. Feeling hungry around meal times is natural and normal. But, feeling hungry all the time is abnormal and indicates that your hormones related to hunger are not functioning properly. Eating certain foods and adopting simple lifestyle practices can help you make these hormones work efficiently and prevent feeling hungry all the time.

6 Hormones You Need To Reset To Lose Fat Faster

If you're gaining fat despite all measures, check whether your body has low levels of thyroid hormones. This can slow down your overall metabolism. Also check if you have too much insulin or an imbalance in estrogen and testosterone levels. This could make you store glucose as fat. Plus, high cortisol or leptin levels can make you overeat. Avoid refined foods and exercise well to use up glucose better.

How Your Sugar-Free Diet Sodas Can Increase Tummy Fat

Artificial sweeteners in diet soda trigger the satiety hormone leptin and stimulate receptors in the tongue and brain. This increases sweet cravings, increases your threshold to sugar as artificial sweeteners are 600 times sweeter than sugar and also reduces the sugar satiety level. It also deprives your body of vital bone minerals and acidifies the body.
Is Leptin the Key to Weight Loss?

Is Leptin the Key to Weight Loss?

“Insulin” and “insulin resistance” have been the weight loss buzz words for some time now and rightfully so. Insulin is a hormone that dictates...