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5 Essential Oils To Purify Your Home And Boost Your Immunity

When used in a diffuser, some essential oils exhibit antimicrobial activity in the air. It's an excellent way to naturally disinfect the home without harsh chemicals. Tea tree oil, a popular antimicrobial remedy, is especially strong against the flu virus. Eucalyptus, cinnamon bark, lemongrass, and thyme essential oils have similar benefits, so don't hesitate to mix and match your favorite scents. Use an electric diffuser to fill the room with purifying vapor.

9 Natural, Effective Remedies For Ringworm

Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin and causes red, itchy and scaly patches on the skin. The name ‘ringworm’ is a bit...
(Fasting drinks can flush out all the toxins out of the body.

Refreshing Fasting Drinks To Flush Out Toxins From Your Body

Although the human body has the ability to detoxify itself, the foods that we eat on a daily basis makes self-detoxing hard. To ease...

How To Naturally Treat Gum Disease

Gum disease is the inflammation and infection of gums, or gingivitis. If left untreated, it turns into periodontitis. Dentists typically prescribe an antimicrobial mouthwash called chlorhexidine, but it can stain the teeth and cause irritation. Treat it naturally with coconut oil pulling instead. A mouthwash with tea tree oil or lemongrass oil is also just as effective. Mix with water and swish like normal mouthwash, but don’t swallow.

10 Reasons To Start Drinking Lemongrass Tea Today

Lemongrass tea was traditionally used as a digestive aid. However, it also fights cholesterol woes by maintaining healthy levels of triglycerides in your body. In addition to this, it flushes out toxins, helps you sleep better, prevents weight gain, and relieves pain. Certain studies have also found that lemongrass tea might treat respiratory disorders, prevent cancer, and aid in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

9 Easy Home Remedies For Receding Gums

Receding gums can be the result of poor oral hygiene. Aloe vera, green tea, coconut oil, clove oil and eucalyptus oil can be used to treat receding gums as they possess antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. If receding gums are not treated, it can loosen your teeth and further lead to gum diseases. You must ensure that there is no tooth decay or plaque and maintain good oral hygiene to prevent receding gums.

4 Special Kitchen Ingredients To Cool Off This Summer

Summer time can be stressful and gets you dehydrated very quickly. The best way to handle the heat and keep your body and mind cool is to hydrate yourself constantly. If you're bored of just water, experiment with soups and infused tea. These 4 recipes are sure to make not only your taste buds tingle but also give you a very easy and refreshing summer.

The Truth About Essential Oils And Cancer

The benefits of essential oil is no secret. Studies have found that some of the essential oils are quite helpful in curing cancer. Citrus oil contains d-limonene, that is a very important cancer-fighting agent. Sclareol, found in clary sage, eliminates cancer cells via a process called apoptosis. Myrhh has more anticancer properties than frankincense. Peppermint essential oil and anti-oxidants in lavender can help with cancer too. Lemongrass essential oil activates a number of mechanisms that eliminate cancer cells. Thyme essential oil is the most effective against prostate, lung carcinoma, and breast cancers.

8 Stunning Health Benefits Of Lemongrass

Lemongrass is the cornerstone of many Southeast Asian countries and with good reason. Whether it’s adding a whole new flavor dimension to a Tom...

10 Drinks That Help You Sleep

Do you know how serious getting a good night's rest is? You probably think you do just because sleep is required for us to...

Top 10 Herbs To Grow Indoors

If you have a log splitter, you might consider growing your own cooking herbs indoors. Logs make excellent pots because they provide a consistent...

3 Aromatherapy Hacks To Survive Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde usually happens 4 times in a year. Life is always about new challenges to overcome. The play of existence is transcendence, overcoming obstacles, and it is more apparent during a mercury retrograde cycle. Don't resist your mind’s natural intuitive review process that occurs in a mercury retrograde. Use essential oils to ameliorate the mercury retrograde influence, soften any harsh influences to your natal mercury, enhance the planetary rulers of the different zodiac signs.

8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again. And Again. And Again. And Again

If you do the grocery shopping for your household, you will agree that food is expensive. Food is easily the highest costs related to...

Magical Ingredients that live in your Kitchen

#1.Ginger Powerful protective ingredient found in herb mixes, anointing oils, and baths. Combine ginger, bay leaf, and cinnamon to protect your ability to success and...
Excellent Essential Oils for an Underactive Thyroid

Excellent Essential Oils For An Underactive Thyroid

Peppermint, Frankincense, Lemongrass and Rosemary oils can reduce fatigue, depression, headaches and inflammation, all of which are linked with under active thyroid. Consume in tiny drops or infuse with tea. The oils also heal dry skin and boost digestion. Myrtle oil is an adaptogenic aid and works either ways to neutralize an over or under active thyroid.