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How To Whiten Your Underarms Naturally?

How To Whiten Underarms Naturally?

Dark underarms are caused by shaving, regular use of hair removing creams, excessive sweating, poor ventilation, accumulation of dead skin cells, and use of alcohol-based deodorants. You can use potatoes, cucumber, lemon, baking soda, and orange peels to whiten your dark underarms. They all have a natural bleaching agents in them.

Baking Soda And Lemon: A Miraculous Combination

Lemon juice and baking soda can kill cancer cells. Cancer patients are advised to have 2 tsps of organic lemon juice with 1/2 tsp of baking soda on an empty stomach. Lemon is a proven anti-carcinogen, anti-depressant, works against cysts, tumors and internal parasites. Where as baking soda helps normalize body pH level, which prevents cancer from spreading.
What Can You Do With Leftover Lemon Peels?

What Can You Do With Leftover Lemon Peels?

Did you know lemon peels are nutritional powerhouses? Lemon Peels contain a spectrum of vitamins, minerals and fiber (calcium, potassium, and vitamin C) that can give you a nutritional boost. A few ways you can make use of your leftover lemon peels are by making lemon olive oil, lemon ice cubes, remove trash can odor with lemon peel, microwave cleaner, cutting board sanitizer, skin brightening scrub and even use them as a anti repellent.

Lemon Juice In The Morning Helps In Weight Loss!

Starting your day with the Morning Lemon Elixir will increase digestive enzymes, stimulate digestion, release toxins from the liver and flush away fat. To make it, use 1 cup room temperature water, juice of 1 lemon, 1 tsp Bragg’s raw apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp raw honey or couple drops of stevia and 1/2 inch of fresh ginger root or 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger.
Honey and lemon in the morning

The Nutritional Benefits Of Honey And Lemon In The Morning On An Empty Stomach

The magical combination of a glass of warm (not hot) water, juice of 1/2 a lime and one tea spoon of honey, early in the...
Right Time To Drink Lime Water, Before Or After A Workout?

Why Should You Have Lime Water With Workouts?

Lime water is not just a tastier substitute for plain water during your workouts. It also replenishes electrolytes you lose through sweat while exercising. Having vitamin C before workouts has also been seen to reduce muscle soreness, free radical damage, and asthmatic symptoms like wheezing or coughing. Since limes are rich in vitamin C, it makes sense to have lime water before your work out too.
How To Make Skyr?

Delicious Dessert Skyr Recipes For Christmas

Skyr is the new yogurt which is being hailed as the replacement to greek yogurt. Skyr has many nutritional and health benefits over the...
Do lemons have any bad effect on health?

Do Lemons Have Any Bad Effect On Health?

Lemon is one of the most widely used citrus fruits all around the world. It’s packed with many nutrients and are low in calories,...
Yummy Blackberry Recipes For A Healthy Lifestyle.

Yummy Blackberry Recipes For A Healthy Lifestyle.

Blackberries are one of the healthiest food that nature has endowed us. In the ancient Greeks, blackberries were widely consumed because of the belief...

Refreshing And Cool Peach Lemon Basil Sorbet Recipe.

If you’re anything like me, summer makes you crave a cold, refreshing, sweet treat.  Sometimes, though, after an otherwise indulgent day, a summer BBQ,...
All The More Reason To Sip Lemon Water Every Morning.

Benefits Of Lemon Water In The Morning

Lemon water protects against rheumatoid arthritis due to its vitamin C content, improves digestion with the production of bile, cleanses the colon flushing out toxins, improves lymphatic system by hydrating it and providing essential nutrients, improves oral health by keeping bad breath at bay. The acidity of lemon cleanses the mouth activating salivary glands.
28 Astonishing Benefits Of Tangy Lemon You Should Know.

28 Astonishing Benefits Of Tangy Lemon You Should Know.

  Lemons, scientifically known as Citrus limon, are more commonly known as the fruit that evokes images of sunshine and the sweet smiles of children...
Honey - The Perfect Antibiotic Capable of Solving The Problem of Antibiotic Resistance

Honey – The Perfect Antibiotic Capable of Solving The Problem of Antibiotic Resistance

Honey, one of the most incredible non-perishable foods that can kill almost every type of bacteria. It could also be one sweet solution to...
Foods That Boost Libido

9 Foods That Boost Libido

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Ten Amazing Health Benefits of Limes

Ten Amazing Health Benefits of Limes

Limes are deliciously sour fruits that are vital to many Indian recipes, and they can also add a refreshing and zesty edge to a...