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benefits of running for women

10 Reasons Why Women Should Run

Running is the best answer for all your problems. It makes you stronger and makes you feel good. Running reduces the risk of developing cancer, heart diseases, and even diabetes. If you've had a stressful day, running is the best way to make you feel better, by balancing the stress hormones and the endorphins.
fountain of youth" exercises can energize and revitalize the body

The 5 Tibetans: Energy, Vitality And Youth

The Five Tibetans, also known as the Five Rites of Rejuvenation, is a system of yoga exercises that is believed to be 2,500 years...

5 Most Common Injuries Caused By Swimming

Swimming is an efficient technique to exercises the entire body. It involves various strokes and a certain level of breath control is required. But, because of excessive swimming, injuries related to the muscles, tendons and the bone can occur, especially if the technique is improper. Hence, it is important to learn the correct method of swimming to prevent swimming-related injuries.

5 Exercises To Do When On the Go

Are you constantly on the go? Do you have a job that has you on the road most or all of the time? It...

Best Stretches Before Bedtime

How relaxing a good stretch can be! Ever seen how any animals, from the African lions to the common house cat, all stretch before...

5 Great Yoga Poses For Stiff Knees

Since yoga’s popularity has soared, people all around the world are reaping the benefits of the practice. Not only does it improve our health,...
exercises to get periods early

Try These 9 Exercises To Make Your Period Come Faster

Squats encourage menstruation by waking up your abdominal and pelvic muscles. You can also tense up your stomach by doing sit-ups and twisted crunches. These moves work your core muscles up to encourage menstrual bleeding. The standing twist can be done anywhere, and it gets your muscles moving. Thirty minutes of running, jogging, or walking are other ways to induce a period.

5 Ways To Spare Your Body If You Have A Desk Job

Want to stay active and spare your body while at work? Here are some tips to follow to minimize the harm due to prolonged...

5 Proven Methods To Avoid Posterior Birth Position

Before knowing about posterior position and steps to prevent it, it is important for moms to learn about the optimal fetal position. The ideal...
Fetal position: 7 Easy Ways To Get Your Baby In Position For Labor

7 Easy Ways To Get Your Baby In Position For Labor

After 9 long months of pregnancy, when it is finally time to push your baby out, having it in the right position makes a...
6 Exercises To Stay Fit As You Grow Old

6 Exercises To Stay Fit As You Grow Old

As we watch our parents age and as we get older ourselves, it becomes increasingly important to think ahead to the future, when our...

How To Check For Weak Hamstrings

Hamstrings refer to the two groups of tendons behind your knees or, more commonly, the three muscles extending down the back of your thighs,...

If You Are Too Stressed, You Will See These 8 Signs

Our body is a complex machine, and it reacts to external changes. Sometimes we fail to read the signs and think that our pain...
exercises to treat lower back pain

8 Easy Exercises To Treat Lower Back Pain

Sitting is the new smoking. Most of us sit for more than 80% of the day. With a 9-5 work life, sitting in traffic,...

9 Tips To Get The Abs Of Your Dreams Through Cardio Workouts

Most of you would just picture running on the treadmill when you come across the term ‘cardio workout’. But the fact is, certain cardio...