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keeping your knees healthy

5 Exercises For Healthy Knees That You Can Do Every Day

Knees come into play in pretty much every single physical activity you do. Even when you're just standing, they are bearing the weight of...
Yoga helps relieve sciatica pain)

Relieve Sciatica Pain With These 7 Easy Yoga Poses

If you hit the gym and lift heavy weights, have a child at home and have to bend over a lot, or have to...

5 Foods You Need To Treat Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. If you have it in the knee, it can be hard to walk or climb up stairs. Treatment should focus on reducing inflammation and pain. Aside from exercise, foods can help. Anti-inflammatory nutrients include omega-3 fats in salmon, vitamin K in leafy greens, and sulforaphane in Brussels sprouts. Oxidative stress may worsen knee osteoarthritis, so eat oranges and almonds for anti-oxidative vitamins C and E.
Foods that can help strengthen your knees and joints

7 Foods To Strengthen Your Knees And Joints

Weak and brittle knees can cause a lot of pain. To keep them strong, eat foods for joint and bone health. Start with milk, yogurt, and leafy greens for a healthy dose of calcium. If you have knee osteoarthritis, eat brussels sprouts and salmon for anti-inflammatory nutrients. The vitamin C in oranges will stop bone reduction, while the vitamin E in almonds fight inflammation. Top it off with exercise for excellent knee health.
yoga for knee pain)

Yoga Poses To Get Relief From Aching Knees And Joints

Your knees are very tricky joints and you need to keep them lubricated, strong, and flexible in their range of motion. If you have...

4 Things To Do To Flip A Breech

When the time comes to deliver the baby, your doctor knows what’s best for you and your baby. It is not always easy to...

5 Popular Exercises You’re Better Off Not Doing

Most of us don’t have all the time in the world to exercise. It makes sense therefore, to use that precious time only for...

How Can A Hypermobile Person Practice Yoga Safely?

Whenever you imagine someone practicing yoga, you imagine them twisted in some weird position or simply carrying the weight of their body with their...

Give Yourself An Awesome Massage Based On The Troubled Spots On Your Body

A busy life stops us from taking a break to relax our body and mind. We never spare time to nurture an injury. Our...

5 Easy To Do Standing Abs Workout

Sedentary lifestyle makes you prone to diseases such as dementia, colon cancer, and diabetes. You can keep your body healthy without going to the gym, just perform these easy standing abs workout for a healthier life. Standing abs workout like extended toe touch, tuck jump, stepping chop, standing bicycle, and knee to elbow twists can be performed by anyone. These workouts do not require any equipment, you can easily perform them at home.

7 Body-Weight Exercises To Do In Your Dorm Room

Being in college is hard work. You have to deal with heavy course load along with back-to-back classes. When you're not in class, you're...

9 Post Surgery Exercises To Help You Regain Muscle Strength

If you have undergone a major surgery and you cannot get over it, therapy or counselling would be beneficial for you. The cannot be said for muscle strength. After surgery there is a lot of inactivity physically which causes the muscles in extreme case to atrophy. Performing these 9 exercises for a few primary body parts such as shoulders, ankles, and the knees would help relieve some of those muscles from becoming useless and waste away. There will also be added benefits for you to regain some of the lost strength during and post surgery.
five-minute butt exercise routine

Sculpt Your Booty With This 5-Minute Butt-Exercise Routine

A beautiful booty is one that is well-rounded, toned and curvaceous.Rather than resorting to treatments like butt-fillers and implants that have a lot of risks associated, choose to exercise. This 5-minute butt exercise routine consists of squats and lunges that will help you strengthen and tone your glutes.
7 Moves To Take Your Core Training To The Next Level

7 Moves To Take Your Core Training To The Next Level

We all want those sexy six pack abs, but doing just the crunches gets monotonous. Take your core training to an exciting next level with these seven moves: slider knee tucks, stir the pot, medicine ball side throw, cable crunch, Bosu ball side to side rock, TRX fallout, and lastly, the plank position.

7 Easy And Relaxing Stretches You Can Do In Bed

Stretches provide instant relaxation and relieve any stress in the muscles. Some stretches can be done when you are still in bed to get instant relief from the day's stress or prepping yourself up for the long day. Some of these include side quad, happy baby, fish, cobra, reclining hamstring, spine twist, and knee to chest back stretch.