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The Right Footwear Can Relieve Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Sneakers, pumps, sandals, boots, loafers – the choices are many when it comes to footwear. A lot of us (especially women) choose style over...

7 Effective Exercises To Manage Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Osteoarthritis knee pain can be managed with regular exercises that can strengthen the knee joint, improve the flexibility, and build the muscles around the knee. Some of the exercises that you can practice include knee squats, quad stretch, step ups, straight leg raise (sitting and lying down), knee strengthening exercises, legs cross exercise, and hamstring stretch.
Uses of olive oil that go beyond cooking.

7 Uses Of Olive Oil That Go Beyond Cooking

Olive oil is a staple in most kitchens. However, its benefits go beyond cooking. Its antibacterial properties treat fungal and bacterial infections. It can also be used to suffocate head lice. When combined with honey and beeswax, olive oil suppresses cytokines and heals diaper rashes. Regular doses of olive oil can treat constipation. Cyclosporin A, a compound found in olive oil, significantly delays hair shedding. Olive oil also reduces sun damage and relieves knee pain.

9 Physical Pains And Aches Related To Stress And Emotions

Pain and aches in different parts of the body are usually attributed to posture, physical conditions, or injuries. Often, the underlying cause of pain in different parts of the body may be actually because of stress or negative emotions. Everyday stress, emotional turmoil and other subtle factors are often overlooked and not associated with pain. Understanding the true cause of pain can help in relieving pain.
How to relieve knee pain by changing your diet.

6 Foods That Relieve Knee Pain

Knee pain can not only hinder our day-to-day activities, but can also lead to several other complications, such as osteoarthritis. Get relief from the pain by altering your diet to include food that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Spinach, ginger, non-fat milk, fish and leafy vegetables are certain foods that you must eat to lessen knee pain.

13 Common Ailments That Can Be Effectively Cured By Yoga

Want to improve your overall health holistically? Then, roll out your yoga mat and get started. It is the best answer to the 21st...

Useful Tips And Strengthening Exercises To Relieve Knee Pain

Feeling weak in the knees is a good thing when it’s over your latest Tinder date. Other than that, experiencing joint pain is not...
Yoga Poses For Knee Pain

5 Tips To Tackle Knee Pain With Yoga

Don't disregard pain - you should feel no twitch or pain around the knee area. If you do, stop and re-align. Warm up - knee pain could be a result of hips area lacking flexibility. Warm up before your yoga exercise. Use your feet - pay attention to where and how you place your feet. Micro bend your knees - give your knees a little bend without locking them. Use props.

7 Pain Conditions Where Ayurveda Works Wonders!

Ayurveda has specific treatments for sorts of pain, all of which have proven to be really effective. Abhyanga massage therapy for general body pain , Janu Basti for knee pain, Patra Pinda Sweda for arthiritis, Padaghata massage for sports injury, Kati Basti for back pain, Shirodhara therapy for Fibromyalgia and Greeva Basti for neck pain.