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7 Exercises That Help You Improve Your Posture

The posture of a person is an excellent indication of their fitness level. Good posture is vital for balance and helps you maintain your...
best kettlebell workouts for weightloss

Try These 5 Effective Kettlebell Workouts For Weight Loss

Kettlebells may not be the most inviting equipment at your local gym, but they have plenty to offer! They are a great way for you to lose weight, combining the benefits of aerobic exercise and strength training. Watch those calories burn away with exercises like the kettlebell swing, kettlebell lunges, a single-arm kettlebell swing, and Turkish get-ups.
simple exercises you can do at home

The One Workout Routine You Need To Do If You Sit All Day

Sitting all day at your desk makes your body stiff and inflexible. And if you do not hold the right seating posture, it could...

Kettlebell Facts You Should Know

So you saw that funny looking weight at the gym that looks like a big, round padlock and seems impossibly heavy, and you thought...

10 Best Butt Exercises For Women

Wanting to shape up your back side? Look no further, start these 10 fast and easy glute/butt exercises to get an enviable booty. These exercises will firm up your gluteal muscles and burn fat overall rather than lose fat specifically from your butt. Toning your butt with targeted exercises can help you stay injury-free, maintain your weight, stay active and look and feel your best.

Do A Full Body 30-Min Workout Using The 1-Min Method

Warm up with 10 minutes of cardio. To retain your interest in the workout, perform each of the following exercises for 1 minute only: jumping jacks, squats, kettlehead overhead shoulder raises, plié squats, triceps dips, forward lunges, calf raises, and leg lifts. You may repeat the cycle. Cool off with full body stretches. Consult a physician before starting any exercise program.

7 Day Full-Body Workout (Each Under 30 Minutes!)

Perform 10 min cardio, 2 circuits of each workout, and end with stretches. Day 1: 15 bridges, 15 side leg lifts, 30 sec plank. Day 2: 15 side kicks, 15 chair push ups, 15 kettlebell deadlifts. Day 3: 15 chest openers, 15 inner thigh leg lifts, 15 kettlebell deadlifts. Day 5: 20 bridges, 20 side leg lifts, 45 sec plank. Day 6: 20 side kicks, 20 chair push ups, 20 kettlebell deadlifts. Take a deserved rest on days 4 and 7.

5 Kettlebell Exercises To Enhance Your Workout And Fat Burn

You can use a kettlebell to perform deadlifts, figure 8s, swings, Russian twists, and lawnmowers. Stand straight and tall, legs hip-width apart. Grip the kettlebell with both hands. Keeping your abs tight and your back straight, bend at the waist while bringing the kettlebell close to the ground. Squeeze your glutes and slowly return to a standing position. Try this deadlift while balancing on one leg.