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All You Need To Know About An Overactive Bladder

An overactive bladder (OAB) is a medical condition in which your bladder can't hold urine normally. Your problems of urinary incontinence or leaking urine are the most common symptoms of OAB. An overactive bladder is a very embarrassing and distressing condition to live with if it isn't treated in time. Kegel exercises, herbal supplements, and cranberry juice are some of the important natural remedies for OAB. Vitamin D has also been shown to improve incontinence by improving bone health, especially in women.
How to tighten your vagina naturally

6 Natural Tips To Help You Tighten Your Vagina

Vaginas are hands down the most extraordinary organ any human can have. Can any other organ pass an actual person through it? We didn’t...

Go Easy On Your Body After C-Section With 7 Simple Exercises

Before you begin with exercising, you must remember that recovering should be your first priority. A c-section is a surgery—your body has undergone a...

5 Common Mistakes You May Make With Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. However, make sure you do the steps the right way. Avoid holding your breath during the exercises. Kegel exercises are not only about squeezing the muscles but also lifting them inward. Do not overwork your muscles or use the wrong muscles like your buttocks and thighs. Do not wait too long for your results.

All You Need To Know About Vaginal Birth Recovery

Vaginal birth recovery needs a lot of care and attention. The saving grace is that you will have your baby to cheer you up...

5 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Vagina Young

With age, your vagina can become loose and become saggy. Strengthening your vaginal muscles with kegel exercises can change the appearance of your vagina. Wearing tight jeans, being on the bottom during sex, riding bikes, and losing a lot of weight can stretch your vagina. Also, avoid infections by using only mild and unscented soaps to clean your vagina. Maintain good vaginal hygiene so that it stays young.

8 Ways To Cure Postpartum Rectal Bleeding

By the time you reach your due date, you will probably understand how pregnancy becomes an unforgettable journey and an experience of its own...

What Is Vestibulodynia And How Does It Affect The Vagina?

This condition is characterized by pain at the vaginal opening caused by the lightest touch. The causes are unclear but they may include genetic and hormonal factors. It can be triggered by various things such as childbirth, weak pelvic floor muscles, and skin irritants in detergents Treatment options include psychosocial therapy, physiotherapy, and pelvic muscle strengthening exercises, as well as acupuncture, meditation, and diet changes.

7 Tips To Get Back In Shape After Delivery

Having tough time after delivery? Are you adapting to a new schedule while sleep deprived and trying to focus on many things? Welcome to...
Sex Tips You Need To Know

9 Sex Tips That You Need To Know

Sex is affected by more than you think. Start by getting enough sleep – a habit that'll boost sexual function and arousal. You can also strengthen your vaginal muscles with Kegel exercises. To enhance your bond, have a code word for "sex", make eye contact, and put your phone away. Once in awhile, do it in the afternoon. The unusual time will shake things up. Come nighttime, keep the lights on to enhance visual stimulation.

10 Effective And Safe Exercises For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy requires a mother to stay fit and healthy. Exercising doesn't mean maintaining a steady pregnancy weight. It benefits you in a number of...

11 Surprising Secrets For An Easier Labor

Many women consider giving birth as the most challenging phase of their lives. Approaching the due date, the apprehension about the labor and delivery...

10 Tips For Vaginal Birth Recovery

After 9 months of pregnancy during which you experienced a lot of physical and emotional changes, you are finally blessed with a baby. After...

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga eases the prenatal journey and prepares your body for the delivery day and beyond. Socialize with the fellow to-be moms, focus on breathing, and do warm up exercise that will gear you up. Standing strengthening poses will tone your body and mind, supported balancing poses will boost your confidence, seating poses will set your body to relax, and winding down and shavasana will relax you.

6 Top Tips For A Safe Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or planning for pregnancy? If yes, there are chances that you are confused with the endless information on pregnancy. You get...