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1-Day Ayurveda Cleanse To Restore Digestive System Balance

A healthy digestive system is crucial for a healthy life. An imbalance of the digestive system results in the improper digestion of foods, which can lead to numerous health conditions. Different people have different types of doshas that require specific treatment. Certain foods specified in ayurveda are extremely effective in restoring the balance of the doshas. Active lifestyle, regular exercise and the right diet can restore the balance of doshas.
Essential oils are a part of aromatherapy that helps people stay healthy

The Essential Oils You Must Use According To Ayurveda

Aromatherapy is a personalized treatment and is done through scents or fragrances. An aroma that works for you might not work for everybody else...

10 Health Benefits Of The Amazing Guduchi Herb

The guduchi herb possesses an array of medicinal values and has the ability to treat ailments that can otherwise be seen as problems for many people. Ranging from digestion, cardiac problems, hypertension, and relieving various pains to diabetes, it treats issues that would otherwise be a medical hassle. The preparation of the herb into its edible forms is also very elementary and reaps the entire benefits.

How To Balance Your Doshas With Ayurveda And Yoga

The human body consists of three doshas called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, each ruled by the five elements (Earth, Water, Air, Space, and Fire). Each one of us has two or three of these doshas that are more dominant and our body and mind are greatly influenced by these. When an imbalance of the doshas occur, it results in physical and mental problems. With the regular practice of Yoga and Ayurveda specific to each dosha, we can balance the doshas.

Ayurveda And Its Personality Types

According to ayurveda, each body is made up of gunas and doshas. Gunas govern your mental personality and doshas govern your physiological functions. Any imbalance in your gunas or doshas may cause disease. While one of the gunas and doshas will be more dominant than the others, you can always balance them by living a healthy life.

How To Care For Your Ayurvedic Skin Type

The first step in an Ayurvedic approach to skin care is knowing your skin type. Based on the 3 doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, there are 3 skin types. Vata skin is dry and delicate, Pitta skin is oily and sensitive, and Kapha skin is oily and thick. According to Ayurveda, an imbalance in your dosha can affect your health and skin.

Activities And Yoga Styles For Your Dosha

Irrespective of the doshas (vata, pitta, kapha), everyone must do some sort of activities that increase circulation and perks up the metabolism; among which yoga is one important aspect. Yoga offers different forms/styles for people with different dosha: Hatha yoga is for strength and flexibility, vinyasa for movement, basic for beginners, yin for seated postures, power yoga for stamina, ashtanga for endurance, bikram for balancing, and kundalini yoga is for awakening the energy within our body.

Ayurveda And Nutrition

We are well aquatinted with nutritional terms such as calories, proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals – yes? Who has not tried a low-carb...

Which Of The Three Ayurvedic Personality Types Do You Fit Into?

Five thousand years ago, when Indian gurus were studying human physiology, they began to believe that each individual is made up of various energies...

Tongue Analysis To Know Your Health and Happiness

Tongue analysis is an integral part of an Ayurvedic examination. Traditionally, there are eight areas that an Ayurvedic practitioner observes in a client. They...

Foods For Kapha To Keep You Balanced In Winter

Winter is here. That means cozy blankets, socks, and hot chocolate. But along with it comes imbalances in our system. Your nutritional needs change...
Can sleep deprivation cause diabetes

Can Sleep Deprivation Lead You Down The Diabetes Path?

Lack of sleep increases risk of disorders like obesity, hypertension and Type 2 diabetes. It makes the body insulin-resistant, requiring more insulin to maintain normal glucose levels. It may alter the body's stress-control center and hormonal balance, affecting glucose regulation. Obesity increases risk of blood sugar malfunction by making it harder for cells to utilize insulin.
Ayurveda Guide For Vata Pitta And Kapha Skin Types

Ayurveda Guide For Vata Pitta And Kapha Skin Types

An imbalanced vata will have rough, dry and peeling skin. Consume radish juice and apply butter on the face. Pitta imbalance causes acne, pigmentation and rosacea, so avoid sun and heat and wear loose cotton clothes. Kapha imbalance can cause large pores and black heads so apply a mix of neem leaves, turmeric, rose water on the face.
Yoga poses for better sleep

Ayurvedic Tips For Good Sleep: Follow Your Body Type

Vatas should wake by 6 am, have breakfast by 8 am, lunch at 11 am–12 pm, and supper by 6 pm, and sleep at 10 pm, lying on their back. Pittas should wake up by 5.30 am, have breakfast at 7.30 am, lunch at 12 pm, and supper by 7 pm. They should sleep by 11 pm on the right. Kaphas should wake up by 4.30 am and sleep by 12 am on their left. They should have breakfast by 7 am, lunch by 1 pm, and supper by 8 pm.
Ayurveda Wisdom -Tridoshas Or Theory Of Bio-Energies

Ayurveda Wisdom -Tridoshas Or Theory Of Bio-Energies

According to Ayurveda, ‘dosha’ is one of the 3 bodily humors that make up our physical and emotional constitution. Vatta controls and manages the bodily functions pertaining to motion like blood circulation and heartbeat. Pitta regulates metabolic functions like digestion and nutrition. Kapha controls the growth of the body and streamlines your immune system.