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15 Ways To Stop Yourself From Eating When Bored

Be mindful of your eating habits. Take note of your mood swings and the triggers leading to mindless eating. Exercise daily and sleep early, as most of the binging happens at night. Drink lots of water. It minimizes untimely cravings. Chew gum to distract yourself. Avoid junk food. Opt for nutrient-rich foods whole foods to feel satiated for longer. Learn to identify real hunger and seek timely help.

25 Science-Backed Habits That Sabotage Weight Loss

Do not over-consume alcohol and junk foods on holidays. Do not misuse your cheat days or reward yourself. Count calories, don't binge and sleep well. Shun overindulgent late-night and stress-induced eating. Don’t starve yourself or keep switching diets. Avoid vegetable oil, sugar, and sugary drinks. Focus on your food while eating. Emphasize on strength building, not weight loss.

9 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cheat Days And 3 Ideas That Could Help

Cheat days tend to become munch-on-junk-food days. The name cheating implies that its wrong and causes guilt. Cheating make it difficult to form healthy eating habits. Most cheat foods are addictive, so overeating is inevitable. In trying to compensate, people tend to over-train which causes further damage. Its best to eat treats as regular foods, eat more quantity of healthy food or abstain completely.
20 Ways To Make Your Day Healthy. Pick Atleast One Everyday.

20 Ways To Make Your Day Healthy. Pick Atleast One Daily.

Wake up before sunrise. Don't skip breakfast. Exercise for an hour. Drink water 5 times a day. Cook a meal at home. Get off the internet. Get 8 hrs of sleep. Walk briskly for an hour. Cycle to work. Ditch the elevator. Have a cup of green tea. Laugh out loud. Do Surya Namaskar. Breathe in deep for 10 mins. Walk barefoot on grass. Give sugar a pass. Call up a friend.
4 Ways To Stay Trim In A Non-Active Work Environment

4 Ways To Stay Trim In A Non-Active Work Environment

Say No to anyone offering you any kind of junk or unhealthy food. Also, carry your own healthy packed food to work. Plan your healthy lunch and snack and add variety to avoid temptation. Next, stay away from the lunch area or kitchen whenever you can. You must also find support with people who are trying to achieve the same goal. Share ideas and work towards it.
How to Kick The Junk Food Habit?

How To Kick The Junk Food Habit?

Curejoy Expert Gina Hodge Explains: It is not just alcohol, cigarettes and drugs that people get addicted to. Moreover, one of the challenging addictions that...

A Guide to Changing Self-Destructive Behavior.

Our Self Destructive Behaviour I have a reader who wants to make positive changes in her life, but can’t seem to stop certain behaviors. She writes: “I...
Top 10 Ways To improve Digestion.

Top 10 Ways To improve Digestion.

The digestive process has many functions. It breaks down the food we eat so that the smaller particles can move through our digestive tract...
A 12-Step Program to Eating Healthier Than Ever Before.

A 12-Step Program to Eating Healthier Than Ever Before.

If you implement 12 changes, you'll probably be eating healthier than you ever have before. A great thing is that once you've done this, you'll probably keep going, to 20 steps and beyond.