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What Should I Do To Prevent And Treat Forehead Pimples?

Clogged pores can cause pimples, make sure you wash face well to prevent clogging. An oily scalp may cause pimples, wash every alternate day for an oil free scalp. Check with your doctor if your medication is disrupting hormones, this may also trigger pimples. Over exfoliation may cause irritation and trigger acne, don't exfoliate more than twice a week.
5 Super Tips For Emotional Balance When Seasons Change

5 Super Tips For Emotional Balance When Seasons Change

Get Vit D: Go for a walk, keep the curtains or blinds open. Get moving: Physical exercise stimulates serotonin (the happy hormone). Get proper sleep: Conscious breathing or meditation can help. Have a balanced diet: Eat seasonal foods such as squash, pomegranate. Drink Green Juice: Add bee pollen or maca to your morning juice, to increase your dose of vitality.

Unveil Your True Passions With A Vision Board

Childhood is the best place your thoughts can re visit when you feel stuck in your life, unable to discover your true passions. List out the top things that excited you as a child and find out how much you still want them. Evaluate time and effort you are willing to put in for realizing those dreams and aspirations you had as a kid. Create a vision board as a reminder.
Juicing for weight loss

7 Reasons Why Juicing For Weight Loss Is Better

It’s no doubt that you have probably heard about all of the health benefits of juicing, but did you know that juicing can also...
Ayurvedic Summer Lemonade Recipe [Video]

Ayurvedic Summer Lemonade Recipe [Video]

Ayurvedic Summer Lemonade Recipe [Video]

Drink Up Cucumber Juice To Melt Your Belly Fat

Melt away even the most persistent of belly fat with this amazing drink. This easy-to-make juice is guaranteed to produce results in a short span if...

Baking Soda And Lemon: A Miraculous Combination

Lemon juice and baking soda can kill cancer cells. Cancer patients are advised to have 2 tsps of organic lemon juice with 1/2 tsp of baking soda on an empty stomach. Lemon is a proven anti-carcinogen, anti-depressant, works against cysts, tumors and internal parasites. Where as baking soda helps normalize body pH level, which prevents cancer from spreading.
benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning

7 Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning

Drinking a glass of warm lemon water will not only improve your health but also make you look better! The vitamin C in lemons boosts immunity and reduces signs of premature aging. Lemon water also helps maintain a healthy digestive system and assist you in losing unhealthy fat! It can also help you get rid of your odorous morning breath. What's more, the linalool in lemons also allays stress and anxiety.
How To Keep Your Liver Healthy?

How To Keep Your Liver Healthy?

The liver is a key organ for detoxifying our bodies. If our livers aren't healthy or functioning properly, the toxins that should be eliminated...
Bleeding Gums: Causes and Best Natural Treatment

Bleeding Gums Causes and Best Natural Treatment

Clove Oil- Rub gums with clove oil or chew 1 or 2 cloves; Aloe vera: Rub gums with aloe vera pulp; Gargling: Gargle with lukewarm water+ pinch of salt; Vitamin C: Eat orange, lemon, broccoli, cabbage; Baking Soda: Use tooth brush dipped in baking soda powder;Black Seed Oil: massage gums with black seed oil; Garlic and Honey: Rub garlic-manuka honey paste on gums.
The Power Of Vegetable Juices

The Power Of Vegetable Juices

Juice has gotten a bad rap. We’re often advised to eat whole fruits and vegetables, for the fiber and because they are lower in...

5 Great Detox Juices And Smoothies That Work Wonders

If you want a complete detoxification of your body, then try these detox juices for best results. Red Rainbow Juice If you want help with...
benefits of honey lemon water

11 Impressive Health Benefits Of Honey Lemon Water

Honey lemon water enhances metabolism, improves digestion, boosts your immune system, cleanses the urinary tract, improves the absorption of nutrients, balances pH levels, clears your skin, and promotes healing and weight loss. Learn how to make this simple mix for consumption every day.
How To Grow Thicker Eyebrows

How To Grow Thicker Eyebrows Naturally?

For thick eyebrows: Apple Castor oil, massage it gently and leave it overnight, Coconut oil contains nutrients like vitamin E and iron , Aloe Vera juice nourishes the hair follicles and boosts hair growth, apply Onion juice on your eyebrow, massage 5 minutes and Fenugreek seeds are rich in protein and promote thick hair growth.
Amla Juice Reduces Cholesterol And Cleanses Colon

Amla Juice Reduces Cholesterol And Cleanses Colon

Amalaki/ Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is also known as Dhatri (the nurse) in Sanskrit due to excellent healing properties. It is considered as the strongest...