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If You Are Too Stressed, You Will See These 8 Signs

Our body is a complex machine, and it reacts to external changes. Sometimes we fail to read the signs and think that our pain...

Yoga Poses Safe For Osteoporosis

If you have been diagnosed with the condition osteoporosis, you might have been advised by your doctor to do exercises to help strengthen your...

These 12 Tips Promises Clear And Healthy Skin

Have you ever had a situation when you are all set for a party and just the morning before your big night Boom! You...

How Are You Sabotaging Your Sperms?

Who knew what a little indulgence in bacon, Internet, and sauna could do to your sperms? Realize 6 mistakes that are harming your boys and take control.

How To Treat Joint Pain Naturally

Dab some birch, ginger, chamomile or nutmeg essential oil along with a carrier oil onto your sore joints. Try herbal remedies like willow bark extract, seed oils of evening primrose, borage, black currant seed, devil's claw, cat's claw, nettles, to counter joint inflammation. Apply a cold-warm compress and massage the affected part with medicated oils to relieve the achy joints.

Osteoporosis And Spinal Fractures

Spinal fractures due to osteoporosis are on the rise. Here are some measures to strengthen the weakened bones, thus making your spine more supple and flexible.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Find Fitness

Learn how chiropractic care can help you break the vicious cycle of pain and gain and encourage you to stay more fit and healthy.

September Ab Challenge – Week 4

Last week of the ab challenge! Keep up the motivation to strengthen your abs, trim up your waist line, as well as make it stronger with exercise.

Try This! 8 Minutes To A Stronger Core

Balancing on your tummy, lift and lower your arms, chest, and legs in the superman pose. Squeeze your back, glutes, and inner thighs for control. In the elbow plank position, push your shoulders past your elbows and glide from the balls of your feet to your toes and return. Then do side leg lifts. End with plank twists, opposite elbow to knee. Do each exercise for 1 min and repeat.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Myofascial Release?

Myofascial release is a safe and effective massage technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure to the trigger points to alleviate pain and restore movement and function within the joints and soft tissue. This therapy can be effective for a wide range of ailments including congenital vertebral abnormalities, fatigue, menstrual and pelvic pain, sports injuries.

5 Tests And Tune-Ups Men Must Do Once They Hit 50

Test your BP every 1-3 yrs and cholesterol every 3-5 yrs. Alter your diet to regulate them. As your immunity weakens, a tetanus booster at 50 and a yearly flu shot is advised. Get a colonoscopy done every 10 years as your hormones deplete and your risk of colon cancer increases. Investigate joint pain or stiffness for underlying conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis.

13 Common Ailments That Can Be Effectively Cured By Yoga

Want to improve your overall health holistically? Then, roll out your yoga mat and get started. It is the best answer to the 21st...

10 Caring Tips To Help A Near One Dealing With Menopause

Read up on hot flashes, osteoporosis, and other symptoms. Give your wife a confident boost by telling her how beautiful she is. Be patient through her erratic moods and decreased libido. Join a couple’s yoga class to stay calm. Do aerobics and strength training together to strengthen her bones and balance her hormones. Make lifestyle and diet changes so she feels comfy and healthy.

Prevent Osteoporosis With Exercise, Nutrition, And Ayurveda

Osteoporosis is a disease marked by reduced bone strength leading to fragile bones and with an increased susceptibility to fracture. This condition is closely...

Is Running Bad For Your Knees?

MYTH: Repeated jerking of the knee is believed to cause knee osteoarthritis. Exercises like running and jogging actually increase cartilage volume – a good thing for your joints. Running incorrectly or overexertion can cause problems. Obesity can cause trauma to your joints and lead to bony spurs. Don't run on concrete, wear the right shoes, take breaks, and don't overdo it (more so if you're overweight).