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25 Quotes From Buddha That Will Change Your Life!

Words are a powerful thing. The lessons from Buddha can inspire you to understand and tackle all of life's problems. If you are feeling stressed, low in life, or maybe lost, these quotes from Buddha can help you. It can also help those trying to overcome anger problems or just looking to connect with their spirituality.

10 Ways Of Staying Consistently Motivated Toward Your Goal

Life is too long to have just one goal. And your goals will constantly change with your age and priorities. It could be to make...
Find ways to reduce stress in motherhood by using smart hacks

5 Effective And Simple Ways To Reduce Stress In Motherhood

Motherhood is a challenging journey. There are days that can be difficult and draining. It’s even more challenging when these days stretch and turn into...

5 Essential Yoga Symbols And What They Mean

The spiritual side of yoga is represented by various symbols. Om, a sacred hymn used in meditation, embodies the unity of the mind, body, and soul. The lotus flower shows that even lovely things can come from muddy situations. The hamsa hand is used to ward off evil energy, whereas a mandala represents the beautiful complexity of life. Buddha, the master thinker, signifies awakening and letting go of suffering, the goal of a yoga practice.
6 Ways To Regain Control Over Your Life And Emotions

6 Ways To Regain Control Over Your Life And Emotions

Happy, inspirational reminders to yourself can help you have a more positive day. Keeping a journal can help you understand yourself better and can even help you let go of the past so you can move on to happier days. Taking steps to improve oneself professionally or personally, volunteering, and looking for a silver lining in every dark cloud can also help you embrace a more positive outlook on life.

7 Buddhism Teachings That Can Lead To A More Balanced Life

Buddhism has attracted people from various cultures since ancient times mainly because it offers a practical philosophy for living rather than giving diktats to...
moves flowing into each other

The Most Underrated Exercise You’re Probably Not Doing

At its very core, tai chi is all about creating harmony within yourself which then extends to your relationships with others and finally with...
Buddha talks of the 4 elements of love that, when combined, can help achieve the feeling of true love

The Four Qualities Of Love According To Buddhism

Happiness can only come from practicing love according to Buddhism. There cannot be happiness without love and it is only with true love that true...

7 Proven Methods For Gaining Self Discipline

Self-discipline helps you develop specific habits over a period of time so that you can achieve your goal. Self-disciplined people will be efficient in...

4 Parent-And-Child Lessons From Buddhism

Many people say that Buddhism is not a religion per se, but a way of life. Dedicating yourself to the pursuit of peace and...

10 Lessons From The Buddha To Live Beautifully

Buddha existed over 2000 years ago but his teachings hold true even today. He talks about the many different aspects of life and how to live in harmony with yourself and your surroundings. These 10 teachings may appear simple enough but practicing them daily can have a profound impact on your life.

3 Ways Buddha Taught To Maintain A Happy Life

A happy life is a mystery. Achieving happiness is often considered a mirage. If you weigh your happiness in terms of material possessions, it will remain so. The source of happiness is within you. When you let go of your desires, fears, and suffering, you will know what happiness is. Also, dwell in the present without obsessing about the past or future.

Life After Death According To Buddhism

The phenomenon of life after death is interestingly one of the main driving forces behind the life we choose to live. Death is the...

7 Inspirational Celebrities Who Could Be Your New Role Models

When we think of Hollywood, it’s usually just the glamorous clothes, the flawless faces and larger-than-life personalities that come to our mind. However, behind...
simple Buddha bowl recipes

6 Healthy Buddha Bowl Recipes

Named after the spiritual guru–Buddha, Buddha bowl recipes are packed with nourishing and filling foods that comfort your digestive system and soul! Unlike detox...