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Simple Tips To Help You Start Running And Avoid Injuries

Running is the most natural form of exercise known to man. It does not require any fancy equipment or technique. It has far more...

Exercises For Whiplash: 5 Procedures For Fast Recovery

Post whiplash, 2 muscle groups in the neck that are otherwise difficult to isolate (deep neck flexors and extensors), need special attention. A chin tuck, where you drop the chin to the chest without flexing the head forward, is highly recommended. It can be done lying doing or upright; you can also add resistance with your fingers behind the neck and increase range by slowly moving your head.
Ankle Sprains Healing and Preventing Injury

Ankle Sprains: Healing and Preventing Injury

Warm up before exercise or sports. Be careful when walking or running on an uneven surface. Wear shoes that fit well. Heal using R.I.C.E. Rest - Avoid activities that cause pain, swelling or discomfort. Ice - Apply ice pack immediately for 15-20 mins and repeat every 2-3 hrs. Compression - Compress with an elastic bandage. Elevation - Elevate ankle above heart level.
Yoga Poses To Do Under Trained Teachers To Avoid Injury

Yoga Poses To Do Under Trained Teachers To Avoid Injury

Sirsasana, Sarvangasana, Urdhva Dhanurasana, and Padmasana could bust your kneecap and you could also sprain your ankle in Virabhadrasana. Essentially, in brevity, you should perform inverted asanas under a professional guidance. Other yoga poses like Vajrasana and Paschimottanasana should also be done under guidance.

The Right Nutritional Diet If You Are Exercising

Energy production, preventing injury/illness and muscle recovery are aspects your diet needs to cover for you when you exercise. For energy consume high fiber carbs like oats and barley. Eating vegetables of all colors and foods high in antioxidants can keep injury at bay and for muscle recovery consume healthy proteins like beans, pulses, tofu and nuts.
Exercises for Overpronation

Joint Strengthening Exercises To Avoid Pains And Injuries

Big toe pushdown, Duck stand, Leg lift, Side lying leg lift, Lunge with knee pull are all exercises that can heal foot and ankle injury cause by overpronation- one of the main postural deviations that cause pain. Overpronation is when the foot collapses too far inward for normal function and affects the function of the foot and the entire body.
Acupuncture & Trigger Point Dry Needling Can Treat Runners’ Injuries

Acupuncture & Trigger Point Dry Needling Can Treat Runners’ Injuries

Common injuries that can be treated by acupuncture are Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis, Low Back Pain, Knee Pain, IT Band Syndrome. If you are suffering from any of these, you should consider acupuncture and trigger point dry needling as a non-invasive treatment that gives your body the tools it needs to heal itself.
How To Handle Sports Related Muscle Injuries.

How To Handle Sports Related Muscle Injuries.

Physical activity and sports related muscle injuries wear out our parts, and more aggressive  activity wears our parts out more quickly. There are lots...
How To Start Running Without Getting Injured

How to Start Running to Lose Weight and Avoid Injuries

Megan Lyons is a wellness, and running coach, from Dallas, Texas and the voice behind Lyons' Share. Through her personalized, one-on-one Health Coaching, she...