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A torn, cracked, split, or broken nail can be very painful

Easy Ways To Treat Torn, Cracked, Split, Or Broken Nails

“Broken nail”: the term itself sends a shiver down our spine. For most of us, a smashed finger was a common issue during our...
Getting enough sleep helps with muscle regrowth

Why Sleep Is Important To Heal Muscle Injuries

Sleep isn't all about resting your mind. When you get into the deeper stages of REM and NREM sleep, your body starts to repair itself. With increased growth hormone, prolactin, blood circulation, and energy reserves, your body repairs and regenerates cells, bones, and muscles. Consequently, to recover from a muscle injury, you need to get enough sleep. The more severe your injury, the more sleep your body requires.

5 Helpful Tips For Preventing Shoulder Injuries

With the help of rowing exercises, and by training your larger, stronger lats and your serratus, you can help reduce the strain on the smaller, more delicate shoulder muscles. By being mindful of keeping your shoulders down while exercising and and staying away from heavy weights while doing chest presses, you can protect your shoulders from wear and tear, pain, and dysfunction.

9 Reasons You Are Spotting Before Your Period

Menstrual spotting is the presence of menstrual blood well before or after the periods. Some women tend to bleed around ovulation, which occurs around the 14th day after the first day of menstrual bleeding. Spotting can be a sign of internal problems. It may even indicate pregnancy. Though spotting is usually not a cause for concern, it is always best to visit a doctor who can diagnose the actual reason.
Toe nails can turn black because of various health issues

5 Common Reasons Why Toenails Turn Black In Color

Black toenails might look disgusting and appear as a lack of cleanliness. But they can be caused due to multiple health issues. While diabetics are more prone to getting black toenails, some of the common causes are these: fungal infections, trauma or injury, repetitive activity that hurt your toes, and melanoma. You toenail can also look black because of skin tone. Learn to distinguish the problem and get treated on time.

6 Natural Ways To Relieve An Aching Hamstring Injury

OTC pain killers or steroidal injections for a pulled hamstring are not safe for you in the long run. Natural ways to treat a pulled hamstring starts with making changes to your diet as well as lifestyle. While recovering from a hamstring injury it is best to include a lot of healing foods in the diet for their anti-inflammatory benefits. The right amount of hydration, sleep and exercise can also help in speeding up the recovery process.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Exercise After Septoplasty

Septoplasty is the surgery of the nasal septum, meant to help us breathe more freely in case of an obstruction. Nasal surgery is often considered to be very sensitive and prone to bleeding at the slightest pressure. Exercise is best avoided after septoplasty to avoid long-term injury.
Hip pain can be caused by injuries

5 Injuries You Did Not Know Can Cause Hip Pain

Hip pain is usually caused by an injury and your groin, back, thigh, or knee may also hurt. A common cause is groin and hamstring strains, which happen when the muscle is overworked. Other injuries include hip fractures, bursitis, or inflammation of the sacs that cushion the bones. In piriformis syndrome, a muscle may cause hip pain by pressing against the sciatic nerve. Rest, ice, and exercise will treat most of these injuries.

Signs Of An Ankle Ligament Injury And Its Management

Sprained or torn ankle ligaments are the primary cause of ankle pain. Ligament injuries can be of three degrees based on the severity. Pain, swelling, bruising, inability to move and stiffness are associated with an ankle injury. It's important to rest and support the affected ankle. Often recovery takes 4-6 weeks depending on the degree of ligament injury.
Reasons You Should Get Your Spine Checked Often

5 Reasons You Should Get Your Spine Checked Often

A strong spine defines your overall health. Getting your spine checked often can help identify even the tiniest damage to your spine or spinal cord, which is the bundle of nerves responsible for organ functioning and sensory abilities. Frequent checkups also allow identification of any misalignment or damage to your spine in the early stages. This, in turn, prevents you from spending a lot on treating it after a lot of the damage becomes irreversible.

5 Reasons Men Should Do Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for women. Men are more prone to heart problems, but a regular practice can offer protection. It’ll reduce blood pressure and heart rate, two major factors of heart disease. Yoga also increases lung capacity, balance, and muscle strength. This is great news for athletic performance! These benefits even decrease the risk of injury, whether you’re lifting weights or boxing. Are you nervous about attending a class? Try yoga at home first.
Yoga Poses That Are Rough On Your Spine And How To Avoid Injury

Yoga Poses That Are Rough On Your Spine And How To Avoid Injury

If you’re new to yoga, it can be very easy to hurt your spine doing these yoga poses if you’re practicing them wrong or maintaining a poor form while holding the pose. By being aware of where you’re going wrong with your pose, you can make sure your spine goes through minimal damage while making your back fit and healthy and as flexible as possible. Forward folds, backbends, and spinal twists are three of the poses that are most likely to hurt your back if not done correctly.

7 Benefits of Underwater Treadmills To Treat Injuries

Water is easy on the joints, relieves pain, and offers visibly therapeutic effects on injuries. Use an underwater treadmill to accelerate your recovery and keep stress at bay while doing so. Running in water also helps correct body posture, a necessity for spinal injury. The buoyancy helps get rid of any fear of falling and worsening your condition.

Top 5 Injury Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Myths sometimes weigh so heavily on your mind that you may not be even able to isolate them from actual facts. Same holds true...
Woman lifting dumbbells during strength training

6 Tips To Get Stronger While You Say ‘No’ To Injury

One of the biggest dilemmas of strength training is how to increase strength without worrying about injuries. We all know that lifting heavier and...