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Do’s And Don’ts Of Carrying A Bag To Avoid Back Injuries

Your bag might be the reason for your backache. While you cannot avoid using a bag, you can take precautionary measures. Know how to carry your bag so that it doesn't exert pressure on only one part of your body. Avoid carrying heavy weights and overstuffing. Try to organize the contents such that the weight is distributed across your back. Consult a doctor if the pain is severe.
Understanding spinal motion restriction.

All There Is To Know About Spinal Motion Restriction

If your loved one has ever been in an accident, you'd know all about the confusion that comes with the various procedures that the...

Everything There Is To Know About Soft Tissue Injuries

Whether you are physically active, an athlete, or just clumsy, you might have to deal with an injury at some point in your life....

How Feldenkrais Method Works To Treat Chronic Pain

The Feldenkrais Method is an exercise therapy most commonly practiced by those who experience chronic body pain. The aim of the practice is to expand your perception and increase your self-awareness. By doing so, you will become more aware of your habits which increase your body pain. Trainers will also help you develop new ways of moving that help the quality of your general movement and posture.

5 Simple Ways Bikers Can Prevent Injuries To The Vagina

If you're an avid cyclist, adopting certain habits can prevent vaginal nerve damage. The goal is to reduce pressure on the pelvic floor and perineum. For starters, choose a bike with handlebars that are higher than the seat. Traditional saddles are also easier on the vagina, so avoid cut-out and narrow seats when possible. Straighten the seat so it’s not tilted upward. When riding a bike, avoid bending forward and take breaks during longer rides.

5 Signs You Are Battling An Exercise Addiction

Exercise can get addictive too. You could be suffering from an exercise disorder if you feel that your workout regimes have become the center of your life. Most people who are addicted to exercise don't take rest days and push their bodies to the breaking point despite injuries. Often, they could also be harboring an eating disorder like orthorexia or anorexia athletica.

9 Health Conditions That Can Change Your Personality

It is common for everyone to experience mood changes when they are suffering from an ailment. Even a common cold or flu can make us irritable, less focused, and sad. But, there are many other health conditions, especially mental health disorders, that can have a huge negative impact on our mood resulting in a complete change in our personalities. Understanding these disorders can help you deal with them better.
symptoms of pulled hamstring

Pulled A Hamstring? Symptoms Of Mild, Moderate, And Severe Hamstring Injury

A sharp pain at the back of your thigh when you jump, run, bend, or climb could signal a pulled hamstring. Hamstring injuries are divided into three grades of severity. Grade 1 injury symptoms include pain, tenderness, and some swelling but movement is usually normal. A grade 2 injury leaves you with pain, tenderness, and weakness along with bruises and swelling. A grade 3 injury is severe and the sharp pain and swelling may begin almost simultaneously.
Don’t Be Surprised If Your Massage Therapist Knows These Things About Your Life

10 Interesting Things Your Massage Therapist Might Know About Your Life

Has your massage therapist ever told you things about your life that no one else would have ever noticed? Well, if they have, don’t...

Serious Health Issues That Might Be Causing Your Dark Circles

Most of you believe that those unsightly and annoying dark circles on your face are caused by a lack of sleep, exhaustion, or due to staring at a computer screen for hours. While this can be true, there are other factors that could possibly cause dark circles. Dark circles under your eyes can also be the underlying sign of more serious health issues, including anemia, liver disease, and dehydration.
your joints don't creak and ache

8 Exercises To Bulletproof Your Joints And Prevent Injury

Though people think weight training is all about growing muscle, one of the many lesser known benefits of weight training is that it makes...

Advantages Of Being An Inherently Anxious Person

Anxiousness can be a difficult thing to deal with. Some people are born with different sensibilities and they have to deal with their anxiousness...

6 Surprising And Lesser Know Risks Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual disorder that affects around 30 million men in the US. The characteristic of the disorder is the man’s inability to have an erection. ED is generally associated with other health conditions such as anxiety, diabetes, and high BP. Studies show that many other factors also increase the risk of ED in men. Certain everyday activities and lifestyle habits also increase ED risk in men.

5 Medical Reasons Why Men Cannot Reach An Orgasm

Hypothyroidism is associated with sexual disorders in men. Hypogonadism is when the sex glands cannot produce enough sex hormones, which may be another reason for the delay of a climax. Anxiety disorders and neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis may affect a man's sexual experience. Physical injuries that affect the spinal cord or pelvic organs may cause a delay in climaxing.
Running on wet sand has more benefits than you think

3 Benefits And 5 Tips Of Running On Wet Sand

Running on wet sand sounds like a lot of fun, something you would do with your group of friends. But do you know just how much this simple exercise can benefit you? Running on wet sand has been proven to instantly improve your mood, make you feel energetic, reduce the chances of injury during the exercise, and burn more calories in a short span. Just be sure you're wearing the right gear for this fun way to race on the sand.