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Drink Ginger Juice To Lose Weight And Boost Immunity

Ginger is known in Ayurveda for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Gingerol, a major component of ginger boosts immunity. By preventing oxidative damage to the cells and treating inflammation, it helps keep chronic diseases at bay. If you are aiming at healthy weight loss, drinking ginger juice every day can enhance thermogenesis and increase fat burning by 10–15%. It also prevents you from overeating and keeps your metabolic rate high.

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Care Of Your Gut For A Better Life

We go through our lives trying to control things we can’t, but we often overlook the things we can control to make our lives...

How Healthy Fermented Foods Benefit Your Digestive System

An unhealthy diet that mostly comprises processed and packaged foods can upset the balance of the beneficial bacteria in your gut. This leads to various diseases as proper digestion and waste removal is essential for good health. Consuming fermented foods and foods rich in probiotics can help promote digestive health. Include tasty, healthy, and cost-effective fermented foods and probiotics into your daily diet to improve overall health.

Mother’s Immunity Linked To Preterm Labor And Miscarriage

Immunity is a silent but a salient feature of our body that protects us from foreign substances that are harmful to our health. Immune...
symptoms of celiac disease

Symptoms Of Celiac Disease In Children And Adults

Celiac disease is a serious genetic autoimmune disorder that affects the digestive processes in the small intestine. The symptoms of celiac vary widely and sometimes there are no symptoms at all, making it a challenge to diagnose. Common symptoms in children tend to be digestive in nature, including diarrhea and vomiting, fatty stools, constipation, and abdominal bloating. Adults are more likely to exhibit symptoms like anemia, fatigue, depression, joint pain and arthritis, skin rashes, and infertility.
health benefits of inulin fiber

6 Reasons Why Inulin Containing Foods Are A Must

Inulin is a water-soluble fiber that has low glycemic index. Being a fiber, it serves as a prebiotic and serves as a breeding ground for probiotic bacteria that are essential for good gut health. Inulin is also been widely used as a healthy alternative to refined sugar. It can also increase calcium absorption thereby lowering the risk of osteoporosis in girls and post-menopausal women.

6 Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight While Boosting Your Immunity

Losing weight needs a multi-pronged approach and you cannot just depend on exercise to do it for you. What you eat is just as...

6 Indications That You May Have An Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disorders affect the way millions of people live each day across the world. As autoimmunity can arise anywhere in the body, it can lead physically manifest as signs of almost any other disease. If you are persistently experiencing digestive trouble, headaches, muscle and joint pain along with signs of weakness or weight gain you could be having an autoimmune condition.

How To Choose Between Ghee And Butter For Your Diet

Saturated fats like butter and ghee can be had in moderation. But, they vary in their nutritional benefits. Butter is rich in calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin A. It also lowers liver fat. Meanwhile, the antioxidant and antiatherogenic properties of ghee lower risks of heart disease. Ghee is rich in omega 3 fats, CLA, and butyrate. It balances the stomach acids to promote digestion. It also builds immunity, lowers weight, and improves cognition.
Do You Really Need To Cut Out Gluten?

Will Cutting Out Gluten From Your Diet Improve Your Health?

In the quest for better health, glowing skin and easier weight loss, wellness experts have been discovering new ‘superfoods’ from different corners of the...
symptoms of malabsorption

Symptoms Of Malabsorption To Watch Out For

Weight loss and malnutrition might seem like the obvious signs of malabsorption, your body’s inability to absorb certain nutrients or properly digest certain types of foods. But did you know that even jaundice and diabetes may develop from certain malabsorption syndromes? Gas, bloating, greasy stools, abdominal pain, and diarrhea are all common symptoms of malabsorption. With underlying causes ranging from lactose intolerance and celiac disease to pancreatic infections, liver disease, crohn's disease and even HIV or AIDS you need to be alert to the symptoms so you can get medical help in time.
Happier People May Be Healthier

Does Happier Mean Healthier?

Happiness is a positive state of mind experienced by different people in different ways. For many people, it is an ideal state of existence...
Probiotics are a must in your daily diet for a balanced gut

This Is How Probiotics Make You Feel Great Inside Out

Probiotics restore the gut’s balance, helping the gut-brain axis thrive. This benefits the central nervous system and improves sadness, anxiety, and depression. Gut balance also keeps you regular, so you won’t have to stress about the next bathroom trip. Even your immunity will flourish and keep sickness at bay. To avoid feeling “hangry”, balance the gut for appetite control. This will also reduce acne and skin problems by fighting inflammation.
Oleuropein, one of the polyphenols

Here’s Why Olive Leaf Extract Is Great For Your Health

Olive leaf extract is high in compounds known as polyphenols, which are micronutrients we get through our diet. Oleuropein, one of the polyphenols found in...

6 Signs Your Gut Flora Is Completely Imbalanced

Millions of tiny microorganisms live in your gut can influence everything from your immunity to your state of mind. There are both good and...