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Benefits of bubble baths and how to make them

5 Benefits Of Bubble Baths And How To Make Your Own

Is splashing around in a bubble bath when you were a kid one of your favorite childhood memories? Popping bubbles might have been the...

Daily Habits That Mess With Your Immune System

Your everyday activities can make or break your immunity. Chronic stress lets inflammation thrive, so make time for self-care. Sleeping less than 7 hours each night will also impair the body’s ability to fight germs. Avoid physical inactivity but don’t overdo it, because both habits disrupt immune cell function. The same goes with excessive alcohol intake, smoking, and eating processed foods. Your body needs nutrients to stay healthy, so eat whole foods when possible.

An Insight Into Miracle Fruit: Synsepalum Dulcificum Berry

Miracle fruit contains a protein (miraculin) that binds to your taste buds and makes sour foods taste sweet. Along with its unique taste-modifying property, these fruits also carry a string of health benefits. They help you lose weight, prevent diabetes, treat hyperuricemia, and boost immunity! They can also be used as artificial sweeteners and help you slash sugar from your diet.

7 Natural Immunity Boosters That Will Protect Your Body

With the right foods, it’s possible to protect your immune system everyday. Start by eating turmeric and garlic to enhance immune cell function. Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb, protects the body from the harmful effects of stress. For powerful antioxidant properties, consume green tea and ginseng. Medicinal mushrooms like cordyceps and reishi will fight inflammation, oxidative stress, and infection, all while reducing the risk for obesity. At a healthy weight, the immune system will be able to flourish.
Optimizing your immune system makes it easy to fight HIV and AIDS

Optimize The Immune System To Prevent HIV And AIDS

When your natural immune system is working well, you can adapt to successful viral mutations within days. This applies to HIV and AIDS as...
Meditation can help you live a better life

7 Distinct Changes You Experience When You Start To Meditate

Is meditation the cure-all that we need? Studies show that it can make us happier, reduce pain, strengthen the immune system, improve memory, cognition, and creativity and help us build better social connections. Mindfulness meditation can be practiced either with a teacher or through the many apps available today. When done consistently, meditation can truly help us live better lives.

5 Anti-Inflammatory Foods To Manage Autoimmune Diseases

To manage an autoimmune disease, eat a diet that combats inflammation. Avocado contains anti-inflammatory fatty acids plus antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E. For a dose of lean protein, eat fatty fish that contain inflammation-fighting fats. An egg has a similar effect but ensure you eat the yolk as well. Even the antioxidants in green tea will handle flare-ups. Snack on nuts for anti-inflammatory nutrients like magnesium, fiber, and unsaturated fatty acids.
: A Few Studies That Have Found That Loneliness Could Negatively Impact Your Health

How Loneliness Can Put A Serious Dent In Your Health

Most people have experienced the feeling of loneliness at some point of time in their lives. It’s an experience that many of us go...
Studies Have Found That Listening To Music Has Several Health Benefits

8 Ways Music Makes You Healthier

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols We cannot deny that music influences our mood. We may turn...
If you suffer from any condition such as diabetes, hepatitis, or autoimmune disorders, they will show up on your eyes first)

5 Reasons Why Your Eyes May Be Acting Weird

Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body. They help you see the beauty in this world and also help...

4 Health Drinks You Can Make At Home

Stop yourself, the next time you find yourself reaching for an energy drink that you think is completely harmless, a great thirst quencher and...
(If you are sleep deprived, it can mess with the way you go about your daily life

Here’s How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Body

In order to be healthy, eating the right kinds of foods and exercising regularly is not enough. Getting proper sleep each night is also equally...
causes, symptoms, and management of hepatitis C

Cause, Signs, And Management Of Hepatitis C Infection

Hepatitis C infection is a viral disease of the liver that spreads via contact with infected blood. IV drug users are at a high risk of getting infected with hepatitis C virus. It cannot spread by physical contact. If left untreated it can progress to liver cirrhosis or cancer. One can still lead a productive life despite being diagnosed with hepatitis C.

The Best Exercises For Common Autoimmune Conditions

Autoimmune diseases may require you to do specific exercises to stay active. Walking and yoga are suitable for those with rheumatoid arthritis while gardening and pelvic floor exercises are good for multiple sclerosis patients. Moderate aerobic exercises like cycling are good for Crohn's disease patients and a combination of resistance and aerobic training is good for those with type 1 diabetes.

Everything You Need To Know About Hepatitis C Testing

Hepatitis C is a viral blood infection that inflames the liver. It may cause little to no symptoms, so testing is crucial. The virus can be detected within 1 to 2 weeks while antibodies take 3 to 12 weeks. During this window period, you can be infected and test negative if there aren’t enough antibodies. To limit your risk, never share needles or personal care items with other people. Be extra careful if you work in a medical setting.