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What To Expect With Balneotherapy (Therapeutic Bathing)

If you’re struggling with rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, or even psoriasis, you may want to explore balneotherapy. A medicated or therapeutic water-based spa treatment, it allows you to relax, helps prevent illness, and maintain good health. Prepare to soak in waters full of therapeutic minerals or enhanced with essential oils, enzymes, seaweed, or even mud! And rest assured, it’s all good for you!

5 Benefits Of Hot Tub Yoga You Should Know About

Hot tub yoga poses help in a variety of ways for not just regular people but also for athletes as well as by keeping them relaxed as well as energetic. They also help in circulation of blood, use of essential oils, helping with senior citizens, loosening the muscles and also providing with a hydrotherapy. The various poses for this include the wave pose, the half boat pose and the breakwater pose.

11 Surprising Secrets For An Easier Labor

Many women consider giving birth as the most challenging phase of their lives. Approaching the due date, the apprehension about the labor and delivery...
Prevent & Fight Common Cold & Flu Naturally

Prevent And Fight Common Cold And Flu Naturally

Drink water equal to 2/3rd your body weight in ounces daily. Practice Hydrotherapy to relieve congestion, reduce fever, increase white blood cells and enhance sleep. For warming sock treatment, soak feet in hot water for 10-15 mins, dry feet, soak cotton socks in cold water and wring out, put these on, cover with thick wool socks, go to bed and leave it on overnight.
Healing Beneficial Powers Of Hot Water

Healing Powers And Benefits Of Hot Water

The therapeutic value and other benefits of hot water is something that we are all aware of, it has been used by the Chinese,...