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The health of our lungs can be promoted with simple measures at home.

5 Ways To Keep Your Lungs Healthy And Strong

Our lungs keep us breathing, and we often tend to ignore our lung health. Most of the time, we are ignorant of how to...

9 Anti-Anxiety Plants For Your Home

To fight anxiety, surround yourself with stress-busting plants. Herbs like lavender, rosemary, and clary sage release calming aromas and slow down the nervous system. You can also adopt air-purifying ones like snake plants, rubber plants, golden pothos, Janet Craig, and peace lilies that will make you feel better by filtering out chemicals from synthetic materials. If you love bright colors, gerbera daisies will instantly brighten up your home.
Plants that can live and grow in low light.

6 Indoor Plants That Can Grow In Low Light

Plants make the air around us cleaner and fresher, and make our houses look more attractive! But, most urban homes today are poorly ventilated, and do not have access to direct sunlight. Hence, before purchasing a plant, it is essential to ensure that it can survive in low-light conditions. Here are 6 houseplants, such as the Peace Lily and Heartleaf, that can not only survive in poorly ventilated areas, but also bloom to produce bright, colorful flowers and berries!

7 Typical Home Hazards That Could Harm To Your Toddler

It is a pleasure to watch your munchkin grow into a toddler. Now, they can sit without support and are trying to stand or...

10 Indoor Plants To Stay Away From If You Are Allergic

According to the OPAL scale, indoor plants have been graded from least allergic to most allergic. Many of us have adopted the practice of keeping indoor plants, however, it's important to do that with adequate awareness. Common and attractive plants like chrysanthemums, ficus, and many more can trigger dangerous allergic reactions

Decorating Tips For A Stress-Free Home

Home is supposed to be a safe haven – a place where we all expect to relax. But the busy schedule we have today...
Most Suitable Plants For Vertical Garden

21 Most Suitable Plants For Vertical Garden

Vertical gardening is a great way to save space and utilize the walls. You can choose from a variety of plants and build your own vertical garden, indoor or outdoor. Vertical garden can act as a pest repellent, vertical garden can also be a source of fresh and organic vegetables and herbs.
Ignored Areas Of Our Home

7 Areas We Miss When We’re Spring Cleaning Our Home

There’s no denying spring cleaning is a daunting task. All the clutter and dirt that has accumulated can often seem to get the better...

4 Feng Shui Benefits Of Indoor Plants

Plants make great decorations for your home, but since they are living and breathing beings, they are beaming with energy. This energy of theirs can be used to energize your home, harmonize the five elements of nature, attract love, and improve the learning abilities of young children. You need to make sure you choose the right plants and place them in the correct locations.

7 Plants To Keep Your House Fresh And Pollution-Free

Your home is a private space where you relax and unwind. While you can spend your time and energy on interior decor, making plants an integral part of that decor can have multifold benefits if you choose the right plants. This article lists 7 plants that not only look great but also refresh and purify your indoor environment.
Tips On How To Tackle Dry Skin

10 Easy Tips On How To Tackle Dry Skin

The first time out in my swimsuit last summer, I was self-conscious for a whole new reason. It wasn't about my stomach or how...

Top 5 Bathroom Plants And Why You Should Have Them

Bathroom plants are not just for decoration. They also absorb organic air pollutants emitted by household stuff like cooking fuel or detergents. The top choices are spider plant, peace lily, and aloe vera which remove carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde, respectively, from the air. Other options are Boston ferns and orchids. All 5 require low light, high humidity, and minimal care.

These 6 Houseplants In Your Bedroom Can Improve Your Health Dramatically

If you think you are safe from pollution and toxins while staying indoors, you better think again. Though it is not obvious, you are...

14 Best Indoor Plants For Air Purification At Home

Ever wonder about the air you breathe at home? If you haven't, here's news for you. The air you breathe at home can seriously...

Training For A Marathon? Try This Indoor Run And Core Building Workout

Here's a challenging set of exercises that combine running and walking along with strength exercises. Focused on building cardio endurance that are clubbed with very short intervals of isometric stability holds. A word of caution these will get tough as the heart rate increases.