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9 Ways To Manage And Reduce The Severity Of COPD

Being diagnosed with chronic obstruct pulmonary disease – or COPD – does not mean a lifetime of dependency on medication. A group of diseases (chronic bronchitis,...
Childhood obesity has long-term physical and mental effects

7 Reasons Why Your Child Is Obese And What You Can Do

Chubby kids are the cutest, with all the baby fat making them even more adorable. But, what most parents don't know, or don't want...

10 Indoor Safety Tips For COPD Patients

Surviving with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) means that you need to plan ahead to make your life more organized and easier to live....

Time For A Home Detox? Start With These 6 Moves

Certain measures like leaving your shoes outside the door and opening the windows can help lower the toxicity level in the air inside your house. Indoor plants can also help purify and filter the air around you while banning cigarette smoking indoors can fight off the dangers of nicotine toxicity. Ditching store-bought air fresheners and cleaning solutions for DIY substitutes not only works out cheaper but also brings down your exposure to harmful chemicals.
How to keep your home free from pollutants

6 Ways To Keep Your Home Pollution-Free And Pure

It’s easy to see the pollution outside. Dust particles from the road, smoke from cars and smog cloud our vision, making it difficult for...

9 Houseplants That Do Not Require Regular Watering

Houseplants not only add beauty to your living spaces but also have a positive psychological effect in humans. But, most people assume that keeping houseplants requires dedicated time and effort, and regular watering, which prevents them from having indoor plants. However, there are many plants that hardly require watering and are extremely easy to maintain. Such plants make your homes more beautiful without eating into your precious time.

Things You Must Know Before Keeping Indoor Plants

Growing plants inside your house improve the aesthetic beauty of your house and bring your living spaces to life. Though indoor plants are chiefly maintained for decorative purposes, they also improve the air quality by purifying the air and can calm the mind. But first, you must know what kinds of plants you can keep, the type of soil required and other important aspects of keeping houseplants.

8 Immortal House Plants That Beautify Indoor Spaces

If you have a penchant for plants and gardening, you are also very likely to love those pops of green here and there in...

Outdoor Vs. Indoor Running: What Burns More Calories?

Running is a great way to improve your overall health and flexibility. Outdoor running burns 5-7% more calories when compared to running on the treadmill. However, outdoor running is highly dictated by the weather and time. It also increases the risk of injury and breathing problems. Instead, opt for a treadmill. Try running on an incline and interval training to optimize your calorie burn while enjoying the comfort of being indoors.
Increasing mindfulness at home will bring more peace and reduce stress

5 Simple Ways To Increase Mindfulness In Your Home

Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to improve memory, relieve stress, and enhance immunity. Start with your home, the place that doubles as your personal space. Disconnect by turning off electronics at night or when you have company. Mirrors encourage self-criticism, so don’t hang too many. Decorate with houseplants to invite Mother Nature into your home. De-clutter and clean regularly to make your house visually pleasing. This will make it easier to focus on what’s really important.

Make Your Own Indoor Garden With These Herbs

Grow your own indoor garden with flavorful and fragrant herbs. Gain access to pesticide-free thyme by growing it in your kitchen. Welcome your guests with fragrant jasmine in the living area. Relax your mood by growing lavender in your bedroom. Add more greenery by placing aloe vera in your bathroom.
Plants help harmonize and balance the atmosphere in feng shui

7 Plants That Are Good For Feng Shui

Feng shui is the ancient art and science of creating an optimal environment for you to thrive… and plants can be a big part...

7 Unexpected Objects That Are Polluting The Air At Home

Compared to the outdoors, pollution can be up to 10 times worse inside. Scented candles fill the home with soot, lead, and other toxins. Hot showers increase chlorine exposure, while clutter gives dust mites more breeding ground. Have houseplants? Moist soil can bring on mold. Commercial makeup, toiletries, and cleaning products all have toxins, so try making your own. Even home printers release volatile organic compounds through the ink and paper.
12 Natural Tricks To Stay Cool During Summer

12 Natural Tricks To Stay Cool During Summer

As the world is getting warmer due to global warming, dealing with the heat is also becoming a global phenomenon. Leave alone the tropics, even the temperate regions of the world is experiencing heat waves and winters and no longer as cold as they used to be. By adopting simple and natural methods to stay cool, you can easily beat the heat.
Some allergens could be spreading from within your own house

5 Hidden Causes Of Allergies In Your Home

Aside from pollen, there are many allergens hiding in your home. Stuffed animals have dust mites, so wash them frequently. If you have a pet, clean and vacuum often. Your furry friend has animal dander, but might also carry pollen and dust. Meanwhile, houseplants with moist soil may grow mold. Be mindful of laundry, which carry a mix of allergens. Even laundry detergent can cause irritation. Lastly, guests may bring in a trail of cologne, cigarette smoke, or pollen.