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Place Mirrors The Feng Shui Way To Remove Negative Energy

Feng Shui is an age-old Chinese practice that is based on the belief that the positioning of objects like furniture can affect the degree...

Are You Aware Of Probiotic Home-Cleaning?

Probiotic home cleaning is an inspired new way of cleaning homes. You might have heard the term ‘probiotic’ in yogurt and health supplements commercials....

4 Ways To Ensure You Are Breathing Clean Air At Home

To ensure your home has clean air keep your rooms ventilated. Keep indoor plants like peace lily that eliminate common pollutants, purifying the air. Invest in a good quality air purifier and place it in areas like the kitchen. Avoid carpets especially if you have allergies or if they are unavoidable, clean them regularly using HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners.

Time For A Home Detox? Start With These 6 Moves

Certain measures like leaving your shoes outside the door and opening the windows can help lower the toxicity level in the air inside your house. Indoor plants can also help purify and filter the air around you while banning cigarette smoking indoors can fight off the dangers of nicotine toxicity. Ditching store-bought air fresheners and cleaning solutions for DIY substitutes not only works out cheaper but also brings down your exposure to harmful chemicals.

4 Feng Shui Tips For Everlasting Love In Your Home

Love is an energy and feng shui can help this energy last long in your home. Keeping your doorstep clean and tidy is one way to welcome love. Clean, organized rooms with scents like rose can promote feelings of love. Making space for your things and your partner's and keeping a balanced energy in the bedroom are ways you can help love grow.

8 Immortal House Plants That Beautify Indoor Spaces

If you have a penchant for plants and gardening, you are also very likely to love those pops of green here and there in...

How Smoke Can Affect The Plants In Your House

Rising pollution levels call for more plants. Studies show that while plants love the carbon dioxide in smoke and pollution, particulate matter can harm their natural processes. Plants take up volatile organic components from the air and turn them into soil and nutrients. About 6 houseplants per 1000 square feet of living space can help purify the air you breathe.

Fixing 6 Common Causes Of The Death Of A House Plant

If your plant's leaves are turning brown and crispy, or if there's no new growth at all, you're probably not watering it enough. Similarly, over-watering can turn the leaves yellow, or make them grow in strange shapes. Different colored leaves may be a sign of a bug infestation and if nothing else works – a simple rehabilitation to a bigger-sized pot can do wonders for your dying plant.
Mold is caused by condensation and excess moisture

6 Simple Ways To Reduce Condensation On Your Property

If you've lived in a student's hostel or traveler's digs, there must've been times when you had to dry your clothes inside. Combine this with other common winter habits like keeping your windows sealed or running the humidifier and you might as well allow mould to settle in your place for the cold season. From improving your home's ventilation to checking your walls or roof for leaks, the only way to fight the annual mould attack is by reducing condensation on your property.
How to detect poor air quality.

6 Ways To Determine The Air Quality Of Your House

Poor indoor air quality can cause cold, allergies, and even lung cancer. To detect the air quality in your house, perform these checks. Extreme humidity, uneven temperatures, and excessive dust accumulation are the signs of poor air quality. Poor ventilation is also one of the factors that reduce air quality. To improve indoor air quality, reduce the usage of artificial lighting and open your windows to let the sunlight in. Open windows also help with air circulation, which improves bad air quality.

Use Your Own Bug Spray For A Disease-Free Summer

Insect repellents prevent bites from disease-causing insects like mosquitoes and ticks. Commercial repellents contain chemicals that may cause health issues when used over a long period of time. Homemade repellents can do this without serious side effects. For instance, 1 tsp of castor oil, 8 drops of lemongrass and rosemary oil each, and 4 drops of geranium oil in a tablespoon of water can repel mosquitoes.

8 Practical and Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

These tips are practical and won't result in you or your partner suffering a cramp or pulled muscle. Simple moves like experimenting after sex can help remove inhibitions. Try playing around outdoors in the backyard to amp up the tension and excitement. Sexting, playing with ice cubes and including lube can really help take sex to the next level. Try replaying previous escapades with roleplay. Maybe even get out of the house for a while.

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Have House Guests Right After Having a Baby

Every expectant mom is armed with a birth plan. But, do you have a postpartum plan? The postpartum period is all about baby and...

How To Use Crystals To Remove Negative Energy From Your Life

You must have gone at least once to a friend’s house and appreciated their sense of aesthetics after seeing the display of crystals in...
managing kids at home is a hard task

10 Simple Tips On Maintaining A House With Kids

Is there such a thing as a clean home with kids? That's a question that stumps many mothers. However, a simple routine, getting kids to follow it by setting an example, and adequate storage around the house can really help. While going minimal can be heartbreaking, it is great for your sanity. Likewise, know that there will be days when you simply cannot keep the house clean. Make peace with them.