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5 Herbs To Balance Your Hormones

5 Herbs That Help Balance Your Hormones

Maca: works as an adaptogenic herb which means that it adapts to each body’s circumstances and balances hormones. Red Raspberry Leaf: increases fertility, prevent miscarriage. Vitex: balance the body's hormones by regulating the pituitary. Milk Thistle: liver cleansing herb. Oatstraw: balance the endocrine system or those hormone producing glands.
Do You Know Your Metabolism?

Do You Know Your Metabolism?

Whenever there’s a discussion about health, Metabolism is definitely the focal point. Is it fast or slow? Will eating this affect it? Does exercise...
Dealing With Menopause And Insomnia (Part 2)

Dealing With Menopause And Insomnia (Part 2)

The first part of the story spoke in detail about the ways peri-menopause and menopausal women can deal with Insomnia. In this second part,...

Skin and Brain: Uncovering New Links

While scientific research during the past century has focused on identifying and studying separate somatic structures, functions and conditions, the newest discoveries spanning many...
Vegetables are good for correcting hormonal imbalance and infertility issues when they are eaten raw or half boiled. But, vegetable oil is known for containing a high concentration of carbohydrates and high Omega-6 –fats. The exposure of these oil packets to light and heat creates mutation in the body and can bring severe imbalance in reproductive hormones and causes infertility, and may also spur problems like endometriosis and PCOS as opined by one 2007 study. Imbalance in reproductive method The vegetable oil causes infertility and hormonal imbalance which starts in women from a very young age. Women are experiencing problems such as missed periods, low sex drive, cysts in the breasts and ovaries, infertility, and breast cancer. On the other hand, few evidences have also shown proof, that men consuming more vegetable oil can face the problems of low sex drive and low sperm count. According to a study, 1 among 5 couples are presently suffering from infertility where women and men are equally affected. Toxic chemicals Vegetable oil hinders fertility as they are filled with toxic elements and thus directly affect the DNA. This not only creates the problems of hormonal imbalance or infertility to the parents but also causes severe genetically disorder among the newly born kids. Miscarriage Vegetable oil also causes another deep infertility issue of abortion and child death in the womb itself. Especially, pregnant women during their first three months pregnancy period should strictly avoid the consumption of dangerous chemicals and polyunsaturated fats. Consumption can affect the genetical growth of the baby and cause hormonal imbalance in baby’s legs, feat, brain, mood and fertility as well as stated by the Scientists from the Harvard University School of Public Health. Trans-fats Vegetable oil causes infertility or hormonal imbalance as it is consists of rich unsaturated trans-fats. These trans-fats are not natural and are created artificially for the sake of preservation, storage and oil quality. These Fats contain long hydrocarbon chains, which can either have double bonds, or have no double bonds. Vegetable oil is highly hydrogenated by lowering total and LDL and triglyceride levels to create these double bound fats, which are rich in dangerous physical elements as stated by a study by the US Department of Agriculture. They melt at a regular boiling temperature of 30-40 degree C and thus create an extreme level of infertility and heart problems as well. Thus, it is better to have an eye over your daily diet especially while giving birth. Those who are eager to conceive should first take the advice of doctors and it gain knowledge about what to be consumed and what not to be. It is advised not to consume them as a prevention as opined by the research in 2013 by the United States FDA. Some countries have also banned these vegetable oils because of their and few are following a certain limit for their inclusion in the packet. In US the New York board of health is strongly advocating the limit for consuming vegetable oil especially after 2006 by implementing new ingredient labeling mandatory rule. The American medical association is also supporting the ban for vegetable oil but facing lots of criticisms as this prediction doesn’t have enough scientific evidences. Thus the center and states of US are following different regulations regarding these vegetable oil packages. However, when the use of vegetable oil becomes inevitable, it is better to read the contents present in the packet and choose wisely.

Can Vegetable Oil Cause Hormonal Imbalance And Infertility?

Vegetables are good for correcting hormonal imbalance and infertility issues when they are eaten raw or half boiled. But, vegetable oil is known for...
Does Menopause Cause Weight Gain

Does Menopause Cause Weight Gain?

  Generally, the hormonal changes of menopause might make you more likely to gain weight around the abdomen than around the hips and thighs. However,...
5 Negative Health Effects of Skipping A Single Meal

5 Negative Health Effects of Skipping A Single Meal

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Dark Chocolate Can Restrain Stress Hormones.

Dark Chocolate Can Restrain Stress Hormones.

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PMS Symptoms

Handling Women’s Hormonal Health & PMS Symptoms Naturally- QnA with Nicole Jardim

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Tips To Identify And Tackle Thyroid Problems Early QnA with Micheal Taggart.

Tips To Identify And Tackle Thyroid Problems Early: QnA with Dr. Micheal Taggart.

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3 Reasons Why “Eating on the Go” Is Making You Fat.

3 Reasons Why “Eating on the Go” Is Making You Fat.

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5 Things You Must Know About Hormonal Birth Control!

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Adiponectin Hormone

Natural Treatments For Low Fat Hormone – Adiponectin Hormone

There are a number of things you can do to increase adiponectic level naturally. Being on a healthy balanced diet containing whole foods, vegetables, and omega 3 rich foods; consuming Irvingia gabonensis, a herb also known as African mango can not only increase adiponectic but also helps to decrease weight and cholesterol; and lastly doing exercises daily can influence your adiponectic level.

Do You Really Know What Food Labels Really Mean?

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