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10 Music Genres That Can Make Your Mood

When you're feeling low, sometimes all it takes is a great song to cheer things up. And then there are times when you want...

5 Yoga Poses To Do In 5 Minutes To Stretch Tight Hip Muscles And...

Close to all of us spend most of our lives sitting, be it in a car, at our desk-jobs, at home on the couch,...

3 Undeniable Reasons To Train Movements, Not Muscles

Since its heyday in the 1970’s, bodybuilding has been the dominant influence on how most everyday exercisers go about structuring their strength training. In...

9 More Yoga Stretches To Help Relieve Hip And Lower Back Pain

1. Supta Matsyendrasana Or Reclined Spinal Twist Pose Start off by lying on the floor and hugging your knees into your chest. Take a deep...

7 Exercises For A Better Booty

Squats are the best things for a perfect bottom. They are easy to do, and you can do them anywhere! If you are a beginner, this booty workout circuit is the right way to go. You could start with a 10 minute warm up session and dive into this equipment-less booty workout.

6 Effective Ways For Slim Thighs And Hips

Trim your thighs and hips with the help of squats, yoga, or HIIT. Make a few changes to your lifestyle like taking the stairs, or even cycling to work.

Yoga For Breastfeeding Moms

No matter how your day looks like, there are some relaxation tips breastfeeding moms can try and get benefited. Yoga focuses entirely on your body and well-being. Keep practicing and work on those hips and build your core strength to keep going. Go slow but steady on your stretches to avoid any stiff back or other pain in the body. Allow time to re build your practice and 'no stress' is the key to happiness.

September Ab Challenge – Week 2

Here is the new 5-minute workout for week 2 to strengthen your core, improve your posture and let your abs shine!

3 Questions Expectant Moms Who Plan To Breastfeed Should Ask

Here are some essential tips for expectant mothers to gain some insight for preparing themselves for their breastfeeding journey.

Work It Out At Work!

With our busy life, workouts have taken a back seat. What if we could spare some time and get the workout while in office? Read to learn how to do that.

6 Unexpected Places to Find Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

The thought of stretch marks occur to many pregnant women. In fact, most women expect pregnancy to bring stretch marks. The red valleys that...

Causes and Treatment for Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting phase. However, it involves pains and aches with your body changing. Hip pain is one such common symptom that you...

5 Yoga Stretches For Better Hip Mobility And Flexibility

Repeated muscle movements above and below the hip joint make it tight, impairing our overall mobility. Stretching exercises open hip flexors, rotators and inner thighs, relieve lower back and sciatica pain, and improve circulation and overall flexibility. Try these hip-opening asanas: lizard pose, Anjaneyasana, pigeon pose, Gomukhasana and ankle to knee pose.

9 Best Oblique Exercises You Can Do Without Weights

To achieve an all round strong core (and for better looking abs) you need to strengthen your oblique muscles (side abs) too. Side planks, spiderman pushups, oblique crunches, twisted knee tucks, bicycles, windshield wipers, hanging V-ups and hanging oblique knee raises will help you shape your side abs. Include one or two oblique exercises at the end of your daily workout.

The Ultimate Lunges Guide: Lunges Without Weights

Lunges activate the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, calves, lower back and abdominal muscles, and improve balance and coordination. Stand with feet a few inches apart. Step forward with one foot, then bend the front knee until it’s at a 90 degree angle. Pull the front foot back to complete one rep. Advanced variations include walking, reverse, step-up, slider, and backpack lunges.