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Himalayan salt lamps have no proven health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Lamp: Fact Or Fad?

Himalayan salt lamps are claimed to do everything from easing anxiety and asthma to soothing eczema. But none of this is backed by research. Even if the negative ions salt lamps supposedly release have a beneficial effect on depression, the amount emitted is too small to matter. Similarly, while salt may help improve eczema symptoms, salt lamps may not have any effect.

Why You Should Buy A Himalayan Salt Block For Your Kitchen

A himalayan salt block is not only attractive but also has several benefits. It can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking and can evenly distribute heat across its anti-microbial surface. It also adds minerals to your food and retains the temperature of the food. The pink gold can also double as a serving platter!
Himalyan rock salt

15 Wondrous Benefits Of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is a unique rock salt that is found in the Himalayan belt. This salt has a distinct pink color which is due...

6 Reasons You Should Stop Using Himalayan Rock Salt

Himalayan rock salt is traditionally called black salt in India, and has become one of the trendiest condiments in health circles and on the kitchen...

5 Reasons You Need Himalayan Salt In Your Diet

Did you know the salt that's sitting in your kitchen has gone through a lot of polishing and refining? Make the shift to a healthier untainted alternative.