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These 5 Flowers Can Work Wonders For Your Skin And Hair

Besides their wonderful aroma, flowers and their extracts can be of great benefit to your skin and hair. Use chamomile tea for skin conditions like rashes and acne and calendula tea for sunburns. You could also try rose water to cleanse your skin. Hibiscus leaf extract works great for poor hair growth, while jasmine oil is excellent for moisturizing dry hair and preventing bacterial scalp infections.

5 Herbs That Can Treat High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a serious condition, which left untreated can lead to heart diseases and stroke. Although lifestyle changes can help to keep your blood pressure under control, certain herbs are also effective against high blood pressure. Herbs including Garlic, Hawthorn, buchu, and celery seeds, and hibiscus can lower the bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Ensure that you consume these herbs in moderation if you are taking medications for high blood pressure.
: Curry leaves can stimulate your hair growth.

7 Natural Ways To Use Curry Leaves To Increase Hair Growth

Looking for an inexpensive home remedy to restore some life back to your damaged hair? You may know that mayonnaise, honey, and apple cider...

6 Side Effects Of Hibiscus Tea To Bear In Mind

Hibiscus tea or the traditional Chinese rose tea is often recommended for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. While it may serve diabetics and those susceptible to heart disease well, it may also have side effects. Interference in fertility and pregnancy, harmful interactions with other medications, and a feeling of being intoxicated are some of the prominent side effects.
Flowers can be delectable too

10 Flowers You Should Add To Your Diet Now

Flowers are the proof of nature’s refined aesthetic sense. Flowers have the ability to soothe, not only our ophthalmic and olfactory senses; but it...

13 Teas That Can Work Wonders For Your Skin

Herbal teas can improve skin complexion, fight aging signs, treat acne, remove puffiness and redness of the skin. White tea has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiaging properties and can prevent early wrinkles. Rooibos tea soothes the skin and controls acne. Some teas like Oolong tea and chamomile tea can treat skin irritations like atopic dermatitis and eczema, respectively. Hibiscus tea can control oily skin. Read more to know about other teas that you can add to your skin care routine.

Meal That Heals: Hibiscus Tea

Astringent properties of hibiscus provide cooling relief from the summer heat. High content of antioxidant present in hibiscus reduces low-grade systemic inflammation. Also, the diuretic properties of hibiscus increase urination, thus lowering the blood pressure. Hibiscus is also beneficial for those suffering from diabetes, liver disease, high cholesterol level, cold, and fever because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This recipe will provide all these benefits.
Coffee And Tea Good For High Blood Pressure

Are Coffee And Tea Good For High Blood Pressure?

The role played by tea and coffee in blood pressure is still debated. For years, it was believed that caffeine present in them will have an adverse effect on blood pressure. But, recent research studies suggest that long-term moderate intake of coffee or tea does not have any detrimental effect on healthy individuals. Green tea, hibiscus tea, and black tea have proved their antihypertensive effects.
health benefits of hibiscus tea

8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea

Oft-touted for its medicinal properties, the red and sour hibiscus tea can bring about incredible gains in your health. It may help manage high blood pressure, cholesterol levels naturally and is beneficial for type 2 diabetics too. Drinking a cup of hibiscus tea daily also helps zap fat, inhibit obesity, prevent kidney stones, and even cancer.

Top 7 Herbs For Weight Loss

Antioxidant-rich teas like kratom, hibiscus, and green tea aid in weight loss by boosting fat metabolism, reducing water retention, and quelling your appetite. If you follow ayurveda, herbs like gymnema and damiana can help curb sugar cravings while ginseng and guggul have the potential to checkmate your high cholesterol levels, thereby giving you a slim body physique.

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Hibiscus

Hibiscus, widely consumed around the world as a ruby-colored, lemony beverage (hibiscus tea!) packs a blood pressure, cholesterol lowering punch and may help stabilize blood sugar too. However, its consumption is a big "no" during pregnancy and breastfeeding. When used topically, hibiscus extracts can promote healthy hair growth, prevent skin cancer.

Hibiscus Flowers: Good For All Blood Types!!

Hibiscus is a very safe herb, and it is good for all blood types. Read more to learn about its miraculous health benefits.

Stop Hair Fall With These Ayurvedic Remedies

Boil a few dried Indian gooseberry (amla) pieces in 500ml coconut oil until they become charred. Let the oil cool. Apply onto your hair, scalp overnight or an hour before wash. Equally beneficial can be topical application of kayyonyadi tailam, neelibhringadi tailam, herbs such as henna, aloe vera, hibiscus, or a fine paste of overnight soaked fenugreek seeds.