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Eating Organic On A Budget: 7 Things You Should Know

If you want to make some changes in your diet and go the organic way, there are some fool-proof ways to make it happen without going broke. For example, you could try to cut down on another expense to save money for your organic produce or get coupons to cut down the cost. You could also just buy produce that is grown locally and seasonally so that it is better for the wallet, health and the environment.
Reasons For Dark Spots On The Tongue

What Causes Dark Spots On The Tongue?

Dark spots on your tongue can be scary. They're often just harmless hyperpigmentation, a common trait in dark-skinned people. Oral pigmentation also affects 1 in 5 smokers. The risk increases if you’re a woman on birth control, so work on quitting. Dark spots might also develop if your hormones are out of whack, as seen in Addison’s disease and some cases of tuberculosis. Other potential causes include medicine, pregnancy, and heavy metal poisoning.

How To Detox With Essential Oils

A toxin can be classified as any external matter that causes disease and we’re being attacked by those every day. Gratefully, God has given...
Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth

Are There Any Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth?

While some claim that DE has amazing health benefits, and one study shows its efficacy in lowering cholesterol, there hasn't been enough research to prove DE as the next health miracle. Use it as a skin cleanser, or in food industry settings for filtration or processing, but don't start taking it for heavy metal detox or bone health just yet. Though it has an oxide of silicon, which improves bone health, the amount absorbed by your body may be minuscule. So be wary about what you use DE for.

The 5 Major Health Benefits Of Green Superfood

You are what you eat... Well, have you ever heard this? The truth of the matter is that your health is largely dependent on...

10 Music Genres That Can Make Your Mood

When you're feeling low, sometimes all it takes is a great song to cheer things up. And then there are times when you want...

How Healthy Is Your Pre/Post Workout Supplement?

Health drinks are often impregnated with toxic artificial sweeteners (aspartame, crystalline fructose, sucralose), artificial colors, heavy metals (arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium), and GMOs (glyphosphate). These toxins collect in fat cells causing weight gain, migrate to the liver and give rise to a dysfunctional fatty liver, diminish healthy gut flora, and may even cause multiple organ failure.

7 Natural Ways To Spring Cleanse Your Body Off Toxins

Avoid red meat, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods for a week. Facilitate bowel movement - drink warm lemon water and herbal teas in the morning . Parsley, asparagus, and cranberry juice ensure your urinary tract is clear. Consume turmeric, beets, and ginger to cleanse your liver. Stir up your lymphatics by dry brushing toward your heart before a shower. Meditate.

What Are The Root Causes Of Digestive Problems?

Crops are genetically modified to such an extent that our body recognizes them as foreign bodies. This makes it difficult to digest and also depletes our body of several enzymes that were used for digestion when plants were consumed in their natural form. Lack of these enzymes is what results in a weak and slow digestive system, in spite of eating healthy.
4 Steps To Detox From Fluoride and Heavy Metals.

4 Steps To Detox From Fluoride and Heavy Metals.

Your body is naturally equipped with a self-sufficient detoxification process. But too much sugar, caffeine, processed foods, fluoride, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, cosmetics, dioxins, stress,...